To The Third Foundation

EVE Online has some cool stuff in it. It is an enjoyable game with some awesome concepts. It is a MMORPG similar to a number of other games that have been released in the last 22 years. This is my fourth MMORPG I have played in the last 22 years, and I have been gaming for the last 40 years (Arcade games, Pong, Atari, and then PC games). I have been playing EVE Online since December 10, 2020, and on that day I went Omega.
A small amount of my gaming history.
Destiny 2

I keep reading only 10% of new players keep playing. Some say it is the complexity of the game, which it is complex to some degree, like many other games. Some RL friends of mine told me the game is good, but the training times kill the game. The other thing are these “New player friendly” corporations in judging other post I am not the only one feeling this way.

When I was invited by the CEO by direct message I asked, “What is expected of me?” He replied, “Nothing, we are a casual corporation.” A week later they started a war with another alliance in Ansen by anchoring a station there. The chatter went from two players bragging how much ISK they were making to the locals aren’t happy about The Third Foundation anchoring their station. I was called creepy at one point in time because I wasn’t saying much in chat. “You’re just sitting there, it’s creepy.” I did a lot of research on YouTube and EVE Workbench while mining, then running Agent Missions off the agent tabs, and then running Combat Anomalies, and was busy playing instead of joining their conversation of bragging about how much ISK they were making. One player told me I needed to go Omega, which I already had, before joining. Then he told me I needed to concentrate on combat skills and not mining skills, which I already was. I wouldn’t have been so offended if this player wasn’t constantly bragging how good of a strategist they were, and how much ISK they were making to support three Omega accounts. Around every corner I turned I was constantly being chastised for anything I was saying or doing. During the war they started I put together a Gnosis to help the corporation and then a Praxis in an attempt to defend their dying station, which I bought Plex to afford and train up skills. I logged in on the day of the big battle and then left them on the battlefield. It wasn’t my proudest moment. I felt these players who had chastised me, called me creepy, had no real leadership weren’t worth fighting for let alone loosing a ship over in their casual play new player friendly corporation.

Another new player was ganked while mining in Hek, and these veterans did nothing. The CEO just kept doing what he mostly did which was industry. The other new players actually responded to this guys needs. I hope he returned to the game and keeps playing.
His name is Riven Swiftwhistle if you want to look him up.

I joined another corporation off of an invite. I was unsure I wanted to join with such a bad experience and told their recruiter which was also their CEO. They hung around me and they seemed alright. After joining and talking to other new players I realized it had been a mistake. Most of the new players had been playing a month or two and all they had done in the game according to them was mine. These new players hadn’t seen any combat missions nothing since the career agent missions. I thought to myself, “Are you kidding me?” They had some fleet ops which usually centered around mining. I asked a question about a lvl 2 combat site, the ones you find in cosmic signatures, and was pretty much told, by the CEO of this other corporation, I was unskilled enough to accomplish such an incredible task. It was easy in a Caracal Navy Issue again purchased with Plex. I left that corporation after The Third Foundation joined their alliance three days after I had joined.

I am left with paranoia as I feel these ego maniacs are plotting their revenge on me. My paranoia is justified, after listening to these players trash talk anyone who killed them and how they were going to get their revenge. The stress leaves me not wanting to play this game and go back to Destiny 2 or XCOM2, or any of the other 23,985 games on the market.

I started my own corporation, because no new player should have to go through that horror again. I have yet to start recruiting, and will probably leave the game.

I ran into one of the coolest players I have met in the game inside a wormhole. The player has urged me to join a new player friendly corporation, and seems to care more about my gaming experience then the two new player friendly corporations I had joined. I know this might sound like sarcasm, but after talking to the guy in a conversation and through email, and receiving some actual good tips to help me improve, it is not. Unfortunately, as a new player I can only put two links in a post. His name is
Beorn Crazy

My final message to The Third Foundation. Thank you for ruining EVE Online for me. I will probably pack up my bags and move to another game, so if you’re hunting me you can stop.


How to find the corp that is right for you

I recommend checking out this post; it should help you find a better fit than the corps you have joined so far.

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A must read for new players

I found this one as well. After the fact. Have been searching, but unsure of any of validity of what I am reading and finding.

I mean, there are a lot of turds and low value corps out there. It’s unfortunate that that’s mostly what you’ve been running into so far, but they are not indicative of all corporations or the wider community.

Don’t worry about those guys hunting you. I doubt their competency and determination. Their killboard doesn’t exactly scream leet PvP’ers, and it’s been my experience that some people talk, some people act, and rarely do the two groups overlap.

That being said, ship loss is a part of Eve online. So you’re not going to have a good time if you can’t handle loss. Personally, I try to treat ships like expendable tools and practice risk management strategies (such as not flying what I can’t afford to lose).

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Thank you for the feedback Shipwreck. Cool name.

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You seem pretty creepy to me :smiley:

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Indeed. My little brother refers to me as awkward, which is definitely more fitting cool guy.

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