Search function BUG/ discouraging new players

So while it might be intentional, I’m not sure it is, and I thought I’d bring this up as someone with limited time to play who loves the complexity of eve, but is not a fan of this particular amount of specific memorization sometimes required to participate effectively in fleets, fitting up, and many other things.

The basic issue is this: when you search in the top left search bar, a simple additive “boolean” style without the modifiers search happens for ALL of eve, including player names, ships, modules, systems, everything. So if I type, “Heavy Missile” I can get a quick and useful list of every variant with those two words in it, including launchers and heavy assault missiles etc etc. This is very useful as I’m learning the game, and lets me see the relevant information limited by my memory but associative, so i could type like, caldari missile, and get a bunch of results knowing that my fc had sad something about that but I didn’t remember each word and things are moving quickly.

However, in other windows, namely 'market" and “fitting”, for some reason memorizing the exact module string is my only hope of getting any result. If I type “caldari missile” in either of those very crucial windows, I get zero results, but I get 6 modules and 19 ammo types in the general search box… which probably contains more data then market but DEFINITELY contains more data than fitting… This unneccessary hurdle of memorizing arbitrary strings bc of a random search function a) would be very hard to argue is useful in any practical or learning/teaching type way, b) is a huge barrier to entry for people that get the basics of the game, faction stuff, who want to learn more but haven’t memorized every string, and c) is inconsistent with other searches, which is subconsciously confusing when a type of search works in one data set and not in another, discouraging people from playing the game! It would almost be better if you are committed to the exact string search for some archaic reason, (and I would still play if so), to make it the same for the top left universal search bar, so players are giving a hard line “here’s what you need to know to fit your ship” instead of just making it all arbitrary and exhausting.

Put the top left search functionality into the market, and the fitting search functions, with their more limited data sets. Its gonna be great. We can do it!! Also i’m poor send me isk anyone reading this who likes my idea its Nashface Buckaroo

The problem is the market is looking for specific items. Now luckily if you search for heavy missile and you get the the launcher, you can pick a tab when looking at any launcher or projectile to see what is used with then.

Anytime you search for caldari missile, in the market, just type “caldari navy” and it’ll bring up all CN missile types.

Or the same search in top left that is much more useful, intuitive, and eliminates extra looking for tab steps could just be applied the same. So I don’t have to remember the arbitrary “caldari navy” when I want a list of caldari missile types. I appreciate the response but it doesn’t actually fix any of the issues. The search bar is looking for “specific items” too. we don’t need “luckily” if the search function works how like, normal search functions work in 90% of programs with gazillion times bigger data sets. Spotify is a great example but even squarespace websites selling soap or whatever have this basic functionality.

My advice is: memorise the market tree. There’s a few things I don’t know where they are. but for the most part I just reset the tree then expand it down to what I need, because normally I’m interested in variants too.

Mostly the modules section.

I’m not looking for advice I want them to fix arbitrary stuff that makes the game less intuitive, less fun, less efficient, and more frustrating, just because some old b vets have memorized everything and they don’t seem motivated to fix simple search code but we have a new weird useless fleet formation system bc it looks cool on videos.

Well you’re getting more advice.

The tree is pretty short and logical, shield, armour, guns, launchers, they’re all a couple clicks and grouped together.

Typing a module name is going to take just as much time, but will return less useful results.

Are you looking for a less useful function that will take the same amount of time as the one you want but doesn’t exist?

Considering that both of the examples you give are filtering not searching what you want would reduce their functionality.

I want a few things as possible to show up to minimize the size of the list and make it easy to select what I’m after.

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