How the F does the search work?

(Steven Hackett) #1

Same with that stupid “Welcome to the EVE Online Forums” popup that spam me every time I start typing anything.

Also… How the F does the search work?
(Here would be a nice picture for you to look at, if the forums allowed it, but they don’t so sucks to be you :stuck_out_tongue: )

Where is the search button for adv. search and why doesn’t it just show topic made by Steven Hackett?

(CCP Avalon) #2

(Steven Hackett) #3

That’s fair…
Just a shame I can’t post that picture that shows you the issue with search… Would have been a nice way to save your guys some time, but hey :stuck_out_tongue:

(Steven Hackett) #4

Scratch that - The forum doesn’t support spaces, which I only just noticed, and it doesn’t autocorrect space to underscore… Did I mention it feels like something from the 90s ? :stuck_out_tongue:

(CCP Avalon) #5

The forums do support spaces, but your username is @Steven_Hackett so that’s how you search for yourself :wink:

(Steven'Hackett) #6

I guess that is the way to have it if you want mentions, but It sucks to be @Steven_Hackett1 :stuck_out_tongue:
Especially since I then also get the mentions from @Steven_Hackett :frowning: Sad panda…

(Punky260) #7

To be fair: “options” is not what I am looking for when I try to find the advanced search. I personally think more of settings when I read “options”. Maybe you could ad the word “advanced” in front of that to clearify :slight_smile: