Exact String Search

Make it so that there is a new category of things called “exact match” when you search. So if you search for “Jita” before seeing “agents,” “characters,” “corporations” or whatever, there is something under “exact match” which is the system. Whenever a string has an exact match to something created by CCP (constellation, NPC corp, station, or system), it will show up under this category. Now all these people naming themselves “name that matches in-game system whatever” won’t clog the searches. I have to search for people now and then, but then when I have to search for systems, I then need to rehide this. if there was an exact match catagory, all of this is solved.

I like this. That seems like a very reasonable idea. I hope it won’t slow down the game much by scanning for exact matches every time someone types/backspaces.

It doesn’t start the search for me while I’m typing until I finish.

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