Ship Name Length

Can we have a larger character limit for ship names? I want to call mine CONCORD Police Captain. No I’m not trying to trick anyone into thinking I’m an NPC, it should be really clear from the overview I am a player.

No. Also if you’re not trying to deceive anyone by assuming the name of the police. Then why are you doing it

What’s wrong with name length extention?

Because it’d be funny for somoene to die in low sec to “CONCORD Police Captain”

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No. Pretty sure impersonation rules do count toward npcs as well

The overview will clearly show the difference between a player character and a non player character.

Still you are impersonating an npc.

No matter what the player ship is named, it’s not going to show up as an NPC

I don’t think that naming your ship in such a way is impersonation since it’s obvious you’re not a CONCORD NPC, but ship name also doesn’t show up on the killmail so there’s not much of a point in doing it.

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Huh, I just checked the killmail where I got blown up and… you’re right. Awww.

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Fine, I want longer ship names so I can… well I’ll think of something cool longer than 30 characters someday.

That’s an interesting point. Is tricking a new player into thinking you’re an NPC against TOS? (I don’t know the answer)

Probably not, cuz on the overview it’ll be clear you’re not an NPC


You may not impersonate or present yourself to be a representative of CCP or an EVE Online volunteer. You may not impersonate or falsely present yourself to be a representative of another player, group of players, character or NPC entity

In-game names may not: * Impersonate or parody an NPC type from the EVE game world (i.e. CONCORD or other official NPC corporation or organization members) for the purpose of misleading other players.

The overview clearly distinguishes player and NPC entities. No overview tweak needed, it’s obvious even on default settings.

Of course. That’s right. It’s very clear on the overview whether someone is an NPC or a player.

…I mean, I certainly never would have mistaken an NPC hostile in the asteroid belt for a player ship. Nor would I have sent a false alarm to my Corp mates and get laughed at. I mean, that would be embarrassing if I had… so, yea. Good thing…

Yea it happens but I’d say its easy enough to tell that it wouldn’t be running a serious foul of the no impersonation rule. Your ship name doesn’t show on the overview, just dscan and if you approach or keep at range or whatever.

Afaik it mostly applies to pretending to be someone for the purposes of communication on forums, reddit, the game itself, etc. For example, you can’t go on the forums and pretend to be a CCPer, obviously, because if anyone believes you that gives you a lot of power to ask dumb stuff for your own gain and their loss.

I see people name their ships NPC stuff a lot, never heard of anyone getting banned for it. I’d say its fine unless CCP specifically tells you not to do it

but there are actually rules against doing anything to attempt this.

They are generally meant for character names but the wording is broad enough that this fits the description. Also ship names don’t show up on the overview only on D-scan so im not sure why this is even a point of contention.

Either way this really isn’t reason enough to go in and increase the manual limit. (the real limit is already longer)

I tend to ask questions I don’t know answers to, which led me to putting a support ticket in and getting this response.

It’s mainly directed at character names, but ship names can also be subject to this policy as well. We look at each instance on a case by case basis as we have to take into consideration as much context as possible.

A good rule of thumb is if you are not sure if you should be doing it, don’t do it.

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