Player Reporting

As the EULA describes:

CCP retains the right to reject any pseudonym it determines, in its sole discretion, is unlawful, indecent, obscene or otherwise violates standards of good taste.

I want to know what would constitute an improper character name and how do I report it. Let’s say, a player using the name “NI66ER Slayer”, is in violation of this rule? If yes, how should one proceed to report it? What would CCP do regarding this player’s name, if said report is done?

Thanks in advance.

That looks like a pretty clear violation to me. If they were going to reject anything, that would probably be it. I looked up that account and it looks like it was just created. By the way, I think he’s actually spelling it “N166ER Slayer.”

My understanding is that they want you to submit it as a support ticket.


Thanks for the reference! I opened a ticket, I’ll update here when answered.

The only answer you’re likely to get is an acknowledgment of receipt. As a rule, CCP doesn’t comment on complaints against other players. I’d just check the guy’s name in-game again in a couple of days and see if it’s still listed.

Hi there,

For a name that you believe is offensive, a violation of any rule or policy set out by CCP please file a support ticket here. The Game Masters, are not likely to tell you if they take any action as that would violate the privacy policy that they have in place.

However if they decide that a name is not acceptable for any reason, they will remove it and the character will be named ‘Amarr/Gallente/Caldari/Minmatar Citizen {string of numbers}’

I hope this helps.

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The name is already gone, so they acted pretty quick. Good for them.

Dude was in NPC corp chat stating that he knows he will be banned, and plans to create more offensive names on different accounts via VPN.

Again please feel free to file a support ticket so the Game Masters can deal with it.

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