Fake report, prohibited by CCP, How can i act?


Nobody cares.


CCP doesn’t ban people on reports alone, and will investigate before taking action. So, I wouldn’t sweat it.

You shouldn’t act and care about it at all. Anyone can make a report on any player.

bahahaha. Good one.

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I might be wrong but I think it really means U bye Cat?

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It looks like you haven’t purchased a permit for selling escalations. Please contact a member of Safety. and they can get you sorted properly where you can legally sell your bookmarks.

Thank you for your cooperation.

I think csm_brisc might have a word with you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yep, @Brisc_Rubal is proof that what you said is incorrect.

@Uriel_the_Flame @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras

Making mistakes is not the same as acting on player reports alone. And the idea that reporting suspected EULA violators will get innocent people banned has most certainly been used as propaganda by a bot harborer, and probably been promoted by botters themselves. I mean Uriel and Geo are both forum regulars, so you guys probably remember posts of shady dudes complaining about overzealous GM action. One of my favorites was that guy who complained that the only reason he was subject to GM action was because the GM “stole” from him in order to fund his own game.

Moreover, I can’t say for certain that no one has filed a report on me, but I have been openly accused of being a bot or using input broadcasting by market competitors (I used to do a lot of 1 isking) and people who saw me multiboxing. So, the fact that I have not been wrongly banned does give me at least some confidence in CCP’s investigatory process.

Naturally, we tend to remember CCP’s high profile mistakes (in fact, I too wonder what the ■■■■ happened with Brisc, Pando, and Dark Shines). But there’s also evidence that CCP gets it right a lot of the time as well. In fact, judging by just how few credible claims of bad GM action there are, they probably get it right most of the time.

And, hopefully they learn valuable lessons from their mistakes, and take all appropriate measures to ensure that they don’t happen again.

As for me as often the case I was just cracking a joke. Though I did mean it in the capacity you describe how it also applies: in the “it is not without example” sense. The thing is we don’t know for sure, we can not know for sure as even if there is a systemic flaw in their approach to things the only ones that could see it being flawed is ccp themselves no one can confirm as only they have access to the details (which is understandable as it is sensitive player data we are talking about with legal implications if they were made public aside of the moral aspect).

So while I hope there is no such systemic issue I can not be certain either and the example of the brisc fiasco does not improve one’s confidence in ccp along with a lot of incompetent developer decisions over the years. Obviously I do not know nor suggest they have malicious intent but I also have no confidence they are not incompetent enough to not have such issues… but can not know either.

I think it is best to always point out that they should constantly pay attention to the possibility of having a flawed system and constantly revise methods and review decisions to see if things can be improved. Which is a constructive way to go about it. This is what my post was about while also providing comedic value.

On the other hand I do not suggest nor think should anyone tolerate false accusations IF they are truly false. So am not here to support the allegations you refer to with my jokingly mentioned warning, instead just to crack a joke and also to keep ccp aware that they do make mistakes, documented and high profile ones, which should have never happened in the first place and that they should do their best to avoid such in the future, which I think am safe to assume is what their goal is anyway, but to keep them vigilant it never hurts to point out such past mistakes in hope it ensures them never repeating them.



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