Public accusations of ToS/EULA violations

CCP, please consider making public accusations of ToS/EULA violations explicitly against the rules. There are already mechanisms for reporting/flagging these and such accusations contribute nothing to a discussion.

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Call out those who deserve it. Any undeserved callouts sort themselves out eventually, because those who aren’t banned obviously did nothing wrong.

So what is it that you don’t want people to know?

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I don’t want people to know about all your ToS violations. I’m trying to protect you, man.

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I’m smart, which means that either i do not violate the tos/eula, or i’m not getting caught.

So, who caught you doing what, and why is it a problem? :slight_smile:


Dude, you already did that joke. Don’t be like a toddler learning a knock knock joke for the first time.

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Good Luck with your request. :grin:

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Nah, I think there should be records publicly available about all EVE Online convicts from the start of the game! On top of the forums under “CCP’s Hammer of Justice” daily activities (maybe delayed) would be a nice thing so we can call out the recidivists by name and post nasty things on them. It worked well in the middle ages.


You have my voice text!

I’d love to see all of the accusations publicly accessible.

I’d also love to see statistics on items and isk confiscated on a player, corp, and alliance level.

That way when something big happens, we can all point and laugh at the person who just lost a few trillion isk.


I think the problem might be people would game the system and use throwaway alts as minefield walkers, trying to find the edge and claim precedent of past bannings if the lines ever shifted.

Yes, Eve players might game a system, go figure.


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Can be dealt with. PLEX for snitches, CCP putting up a bounty to expose them. People can hide behind their alts and sure, many will stay silent and not talk to others, but many will be so full of themselves, they’ll believe they’re invincible and act carelessly.

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Oh for Pete’s sake, I’m talking about people making dumb, false accusations as a way of trying to discredit someone else and damage their reputation in outside game interactions in these forums. That’s why I posted it in forum feedback. I’m not talking about in-game activities. But never mind, most people on these forums are too dumb to live so forget I mentioned it.

You really shouldn’t talk about yourself like that.

Your argument is already covered by my response early in the thread. Accusations are irrelevant. Someone who isn’t banned hasn’t done anything wrong. Who are the dumb ones? Those who know it doexn’t matter, or those who care about false accusations? I hope you know the answer to this one.

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See, the above response is a great example of why these forums and this community are absolute dogshit.


You don’t ever think about your perspective, do you?

Your posts boil down to being angry about people explaining to you that this isn’t needed and not once have you been able to actually counter any argument orpoints. Instead you tell others that they’re dogshit. Do you really think you’re smarter than us? If so, how comes you’re unable to behave in a way that doesn’t make you look like a spoiled brat?

When you behave like a child, you will be treated like a child.

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lol just look at your first response dude

I mean, maybe you don’t realize what a condescending asshole you come off as, but you’re really unpleasant to interact with.

I did. You failed to adress anything i’ve said, in any post i’ve written. you don’t reflect at all, hm?

Have the last word! You really seem to need it! :slight_smile:

I missed this post before sending, so let me adress it:

You reap what you sow.


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Why would protecting people who breach the TOS/EULA be required. You have an issue with the fact that we hate cheaters?