CCP pilots anonymous, this is for you

Dear CCP devs, designers, producers, game masters, etc etc etc.

It’s been a while since the rules have been eased a bit to allow you to enjoy the game itself on private accounts. I, as probably are many other pilots, am curious about your experiences.

Would you care to share some of your stories with us ?

Did you join a wh outfit ? Dove straight into nullsec bloc gameplay ? Became an incorrigable hisec carebear ? Went mining, manufacturing ? Did it affect your view on the game, and maybe even affect elements in the way you do your job ? Are you any good as a pilot or are you like the majority of us, just puzzing around and holding on for dear life ?

Please share us your EvE life - without divulging details that may compromise your identity of course. If need be, use a forum alt / alpha toon.


you’d unironically get a better response from ccp devs about this is you post it on r/eve instead of here

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Better response? You mean any response at all. There are no CCP Devs on the forums.


and rightfully so

There was a time when devs on the EvE forums were not uncommon.

Maybe we have to invoke the higher powers of @CCP_Aurora to make them overcome their natural shyness. That is after everyone’s done reading the submissions of the short story contest :smiley:


I was lucky with the fact that the policy had just been put in place when I arrived, so my accounts never had to go on ice.

I’m still doing much the same as I was before, which is whatever my whims dictate from day to day. I’ve been a line member in the ongoing war, done some structure bashes, flown some tackle/dictors, lost most of my isk in abyssal proving grounds, spent the rest on an Ark, cried over the sad state of my wallet, done a little nullsec ratting (in an abaddon because what are ratting metas), done some DED sites in a loki, and I’ve taught at least one tackle class recently.

I’m hoping to get a bit more involved with my wormhole friends (partly because I come limping back to them when I lose all my isk elsewhere).


Now, my character isn’t ancient so I’m still training my skills up but I’ve been doing mostly exploration sites in WH space, Solo pvp in faction warfare and null, with some ratting on the side to try and recoup my losses through pvp. According to Z-kill I’m quite snuggly but that will hopefully get better soon.

I’ll probably be joining a corporation soon to take part in the bigger picture of Eve but so far I’ve been enjoying just my little solo gameplay.


I mostly do exploration to make isk. I needlejack in to null sec, stay there as long as I dare getting as much loot as I can before diving into wormholes to try to make it back out without getting my ship blown up.

Besides that, I’ve been trying out PVP in faction warfare space recently and I’ve been finding that really. really. really fun. It doesn’t make me any isk, but the thrill of winning, or almost winning against another player who’s also looking for a fight is reward enough for me.


Doing same things that I did before and joining more public fleets.

PVPing in nulll and low sec space. taking part in the WWBII and casual roam/camping.
EVE Echoes does eat a lot of my time lately to play EVE O though :wink:


Maybe they should test the stuff they released by playing it actually on server. CCP Coyote, please consider that.

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You own a cat don’t you?


I do indeed :cat2:


When I joined CCP 3 years ago, my accounts were put on ice, and I spent most of my time solo/small-scale pvp’ing in FW space, as a neutral then in GalMil. With the policy change, I got my old main character back, and I decided to re-join an old love of mine, my first alliance from back in 2007 when I started playing. I have now reunited with some old buddies I used to fly with over a decade ago, it’s great :slight_smile:. Solo/small-scale in FW is still my main activity, but I’ve also been spending more time building up my industry business (module invention) and doing some abyssal runs (mostly for fun).


more interessant question: do you pay byself for this game dear ccp pilots and if for how many accounts?

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I prefer to stay anonymous in game, so the change in the rules didn’t make me change what I do as a player. It made me a bit less paranoid though, so there is a plus.

Since joining CCP I spent a few years in wormholes doing exploration, PI, manufacturing, running the abyssal deadspace, and experiencing occasional evictions - on the receiving end :smiley:

Right now I’m back in null, doing PI and manufacturing again while losing ships on my PVP daytrips.

My view on the game didn’t change much. I still admire it and enjoy the experience. Maybe now I just understand better why some things are the way they are.

I can’t say that I’m good at EVE. I’m not bad as I gained a lot of knowledge and experience over the years, but I’m impatient and EVE doesn’t forgive that. Often I just want the action, so I take bigger risks than I should and I humbly pay for it with my lossmails. After several years I’m still poor :wink:


Since the change i’ve outed one character, Danny Madigan. Sadly Danny hasn’t seen too much action, though he has flown with a couple of corps since he joined.
My main has seen way more since the new policy went live in December. I defiantly owe credit to Ashterothi, around last christmas i jumped on a stream with him. Where he took Danny out for a fun night starting with some Abyssal Deadspace (something i’ve done quite a lot of) but then we moved over to reindeer yeeting as exploration. Something clicked in my head when we did that and since the needlejack filaments came out earlier this year this is something i really enjoy.
This has defiantly allowed secret main(lets call him B) to see way more action. B has left the safety of high-sec, where he has been bumming around for few years, running various PVE content and maintained a healthy random skill queue, and started wondering deeper into the unknowns.
B mostly ventures on multiday space wanders. They usually start in an Astero somewhere around Jita, B always rocks the Sanctuary skin (SoE ships in mat blue is the only way to go, prove me wrong!). I make my way couple of jumps away from Jita to scan down wormholes, and then the action starts. My goal is to wander until i track down needlejack filaments and then find a way out, to yeet somewhere else and continue. B starts to head home when his cargo hits 200-300m.
I usually have a notepad next to me and note down where i’ve been and then plot my journey on dotlan to see how much space i’ve managed to cover. The longest trip B´s done lasted 12 days until i made it back. But usually B dies a horrible death way before that.

Having said that, i still log in many of my random characters for various jobs, spying on major corps and alliances, testing issues, making customer service sweat with odd requests, blowing things up and so on.


I have 3 very active accounts and 9 less active, plus silly amount of single use accounts.
For my very active 2 are CCP affiliated and 1 i pay for. For my less active i pay for 4, 2 are CCP and 3 are alpha accounts.
the CCP accounts have MCT, but we pay for our own plex and other RMT items (and no, no discount) :slight_smile:


As a job benefit we get 5 accounts with MCT - which worked out perfectly for me because that was basically my setup prior to joining CCP. I make full use of all of them, I think some of us just use one or two.

If we want to buy plex or skins though that’s on us.


MCT on all three slots, or just two?

Just two… I think. Otherwise I’ve been missing some SP :sweat_smile:

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