Devs Play EVE - CCP policy change discussion

Please us this thread to discuss the CCP policy change announced in this dev blog.


Well, this Dev Blog made me laugh.

Sorry about that but hey, maybe you guys will now see that the glare from the suns needs to be toned down a few notches.

Anyway, good luck to you all.


If CCP bods join my Corp, I can teach them the art of posting like a butte on the intergalactic summit forum.

But they have to be blonde true Amarr. It’s our gimmick.

You can always join my corp, it is a chill one no duties or anything.

AWOX squad, get ready! :smiling_imp:


This sounds good! It reminds me of the story I saw in a presentation of how we got corp bookmarks: a CCP dev needed them and reached his breaking point, and said “that’s it, we’re making corp bookmarks NOW” something like that…

I look forward to seeing the results of insight and fun that CCP devs can get from EVE now that they can play and experience the game fully like real players instead of half-player half-spooky-dev =)

PS: My corp isn’t recruiting but I’m happy to make a CCP friend or two if anybody wants to say hello. I’m on a lot but semi-quiet, prone to babbling sometimes, and happy to explain things when people have questions.


The biases will be as transparent as possible now. That’s probably a good thing.


Guess how many players will claim they are a ccp dev when they are actually not. I am creating a character named “CCP Incognito” as we speak.

Now they don’t have to hide anymore we will know for sure the devs don’t play EvE.

Good policy change CCP, let everybody enjoy new eden.

Let’s hope we don’t see another T20 incident :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Loved reading this, great policy change, even gave me some very good laughs!


Excellent change, well done ! :clap:

What was the ‘T20 incident’ ?

Teddybears. are recruiting :wink: :skull_and_crossbones:

google it!

The only way this will be good for the game is if the Devs play all areas of game. If the Devs all flood into null sec, the game will become more enbalanced then it already is.


CCP T20 was caught fiddling the T2 BPO release lottery in favour of his alliance, who at the time were arguably the most powerful entity in Eve.


Hello everyone, thanks for the policy change. People who make a product should be able to use the product openly. Car designers, engineers, marketers, etc… are encouraged to use the products they make openly and take the good with the bad from doing so from other customers. I think this will help Eve adapt quickly to emerging trends and challenges as employees become customers like everyone else and hear the praise and complaints from fellow users. I hope CCP management gives them some slack as they learn to navigate the community as regular players – some people might make up stuff just to screw with them and attribute it to their own particular style of gameplay. Just be on the lookout for poison pen and anonymous messages designed to do nothing but cause grief for an employee so that the complainant can get a perceived in game advantage.
Thanks for all you do!
fly safe!

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Cool, now we just need to wait 2 years for them to play the game and figure out all of the problems the rest of us have known for the last decade.


as a veteran player this is something i have wanted to see for a long time … i feel sure that it will give dev’s a better understanding of the game from a player perspective which should help improve the game we all love … maybe one or two will come along and try out high sec incursions and make some of that “dank isk” they are going to need , hehehe … feel free to out yourselves or not , but please , play all aspects of the game (even high sec ganking) to improve it for all …
Welcome to the REAL WORLD



You can’t create a character with “CCP” in front of the name and if you try to impersonate a CCPer you’ll be in contravention of section 8 of the Terms of Service.


Let us know how well this goes over for you. :slight_smile:


This change only applies to the requirement of CCP to maintain their anonymity and the internal security policies that were implemented in wake of that event still remain in place.