A side note to the development team

@CCP_karkur @CCP_Rise (pass this to the rest of the dev team)

Hello guys,

With the release of the restriction of you being allowed to notify player base of your position as a developer with ccp, i would like to give you some advice.

Please be careful with this. it has been my experience that even if you can set aside the constant requests of “free isk” or “items” you will still get huge amounts of people wanting to have conversations with you about their positions, and so forth.

It should be noted that this is a double edged sword. It is good for the game, but extremely taxing on you as individuals. Please take this advice and use some caution and be careful about who you tell. Remember the old wisdom “a secret is only kept a secret if you don’t tell anyone else; the moment another knows, everyone knows.”

I hope that this brings about some good for the game. Fly safe out there, and have fun.

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Hey look it’s the space douchebag again…

Screw over any new players lately with your Corp scams?


Why would CCP take “advice” from someone who scams newbros in their high sec corporation, lies about having been the leader of several major nullsec alliances, lies about their votes on their CSM campaign, pretends to have developed several games but refuses to show any proof, etc. etc.


To be fair, OP is a pretty good example of “learn from my mistakes” even if their advice itself is worthless.

Cry more please, perhaps you should stop lying if you don’t like it when people bring up your lies?

That was oddly specific… Are you guilty of going on island adventures???

Lmao, take advice from someone who talks like this to others?


I think we will hear about the deals soon.

The environment is really coruptiogenic now, like it was in China when devs started making money on side, dealing with botters.

It will be miracle if we will not get accusations at least.

Example, how it would work, in this scenario I am botter and RMTer (I am not really): I contact dev, he responds, we work together, he doesnt know about my botting alts and I give him a loan of ISK, he will spend it and then I request our deal to be honored and he have to give me percentage of his earnings, really big percentage, if he will I will escalate demands. If he cant, I will say the ISK I gave him wasnt clean, and his was already sold for RM and I have proofs and can say he worked with me cleaning ISK. Then my requests escalates and he have to give me free ISK and items for eternity or I will out him as RMTer., I will certainly give him his small share of real money to make him more entangled in the deals. I will certainly oust him if he will stop working at ccp or stop honoring our deal. SO he have to be part of structure, or else the sh!t will hit the fan. I dont care about the bots because I can make new and have alts, as I have lots of ISK laying dormant on alts, also stolen from other acounts.

EVE mafia.

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Op’s at it again…great…

Whatever the OP has done prior to this moment, they’re not wrong when they say the devs ought to be careful who they tell.

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You are not alone, most people think the same about you.

Can we please get rid of this cancer?


This is just a short summary. OP is a known liar, a thief and new player abuser. This isn’t even speculation. There’s enough evidence for that. This guy is the worst shithole that’s running around here and that’s a lot considering the shitholes already running around here. Do we really have to tolerate this?

No! We ■■■■■■■ don’t! :smiley:

I hereby request this asshole to be kicked from our forums.

It doesn’t matter.
Check the link above.
OP’s a cancerous asshole.


Eve will never die, it’ll just be dying very slowly, in 20 years there will still be a few dozen playing.

Im still pissed at you for not running in the CSM. I voted for you in my heart. You robbed me of the opportunity to vote for you in reality.


And the counter has started: you are the first!

Hey Noori, please tell Naari that Neeri said you’re an idiot.


Welcome back naari, we have missed your posting and look forward to be entertained again <3

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Hard to run for CSM if you cant actually do it. Pretty sure a forum ban means you’re out of the race for good.


I thought he had like 10 alts with the alternative Noori and Nuuri and Neeri and whatnot. Cant he use those?

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