Thread closed on important issue to hide something?

A thread about my investigation into substance abuse has found some alarming things. I was waiting for a plausible explanation where there wasn’t one.
You got a few trolls and some supporters. Then a ccp keyboard primate banned a plausible discussion.
Paying a subscription to people with drug use issues is not for me. Thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile:

This is a newbie forum. Please troll anywhere else.

As you claim to be a lawyer, you definitely know the EULA, there you will find all thresholds and service agreement terms. No newbie stuff either. Enjoy the read.

And my personal opinion: Iceland is a free country. They can do whatever they want as long as they stay within the legal perimeters of Iceland. Enjoy the read of the icelandic law. I hope you can decipher all those funny characters.


For a lawyer, you are surprisingly bad at following forum TOS.


Use Reddit or Twitter for your crusade.

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The forum tos is designed for control of its users. International rights are negated easily.
The Eula and tos are comprehensive proctecting ccp, but not the customer. They will not get a paid subscription from me to endorse their practise.
I lived in an alcoholic situation. I won’t pay those who have substance addictions.

Jog on little troll, you’re interrupting my drug use :parrotmustache:

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You do know this is a forum for the pew pew spaceship game called EVE Online, right? :thinking:


Thread closed.

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