Not to defend GigX, but the EULA would result in bans everywhere

So, an alliance CEO lost his cool in the heat of the moment, gets the CCP boot - forever, apparently. And I’m not going to ask CCP to comment on individual case or GigX, as that matter is closed.

I’m not here to defend him or his actions and won’t comment on them.

But, as long as we’re going to hold one individual to the EULA, wouldn’t it make sense that CCP begin enforcing it throughout their game? You either enforce the EULA or you don’t - and really- you don’t, at all, CCP. I could literally give you hundreds of examples of EULA violation every day, from alliance chat to Jita and Amarr chat to just about every chat channel in this game where - according to EULA - serious violations occur minute by minute.

Let’s take a look, shall we?


Here’s a good one snipet. “CCP retains the right to reject any pseudonym it determines, in its sole discretion, is unlawful, indecent, obscene or otherwise violates standards of good taste.”

^^ Are you kidding me? :joy::rofl: There’s so many naming violations just with parts of the male and female anatomy (obscene words) I could spend days writing them all. I wouldn’t have to jump more than a few systems to find them. Do the devs, admins and CCP lawyers who write these rules even play this game?

Oh, and here’s some good one’s.

More EULA nonsense

"You may not use any abusive, defamatory, ethnically or racially offensive, harassing, harmful, hateful, obscene, offensive, sexually explicit, threatening or vulgar language. (Alternate spelling or partial masking of such words will be reprimanded in the same manner as the actual use of such words.)

You may not organize nor be a member of any corporation or group within EVE Online that is based on or advocates any anti-ethnic, anti-gay, anti-religious, racist, sexist or other hate-mongering philosophies."

Have you rolled through Jita lately? Or Amarr chat? Hell, any alliance chats? Do you play this game at all?:laughing: There’s entire corporation names that violate the above policy.

And again, I’m not defending anyone or asking for comment on any one one case. And people say, 'Well, what (character xxxxx ) said was much worse … No, EULA is EULA is EULA. It’s not like any of these legal mumbo jumbo rules here limits your liability, either. So, CCP, either stop selective enforcement or flush the entire document, because it means literally nothing in a game where there’s thousands of violations everywhere, every day.


EULAs and such ‘blanket agreements’ are always both broad and vague. It’s how companies protect themselves from unforeseeable consequences.

Just because it exists doesn’t mean it will be (or even could be) enforced strictly. Our EULA is CCP’s way of saying “if you become a problem, you can get rid of you, if you don’t become a problem, don’t worry about it”.


This EULA - as written - legally protects CCP from nothing and no one. To allege it does simply means you don’t understand law and courts.

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And EULA is not a law. In the end CCP servers are private (not public) property, where they can remove access as they see fit.

And old players like Gigx should know, how serious CCP has been with real life threats. This is not an excuse, that “He didn’t mean it”. CCP can’t wait to see until someone really “means it”.


I dont know what globalist laws and countries you all come from.

But i am from AMERICA.

Only American made USA-approved laws apply to me.



That is now way to solve problems like this. What is someone pull a gun on The Judge on fanfest or EvE Vegas because of that? “EvE is real?” Arbitrary banning “because of EULA”? GigX is scapegoat. They made him an example for the others. CCP can’t lift the ban, social medias talking about it now. They can’t even show off that it was one of the biggest backstabbing in history of the game because one of the players wanted to chop of another hands.


ps - again, EULAs are not laws in and of themselves (that’s why you agreed to have any problems arising from your willing use of an Icelandic product resolved according to the laws of Iceland).

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This really has little to do with freedom of speech, so let’s not get sidetracked … this has to do with the gazzillion violations throughout this game, everywhere, every day, that CCP ignores.

So, do you report these gazzillion violations you see?

Do you?

That’s the point, nobody does,why? HTFU?

I’d have to see violations first.

Ok, here’s some quick ones. Just go to in-game search/character/partial terms… and type the word ‘penis’ … You would be there for days. My favorite is ‘cockballs penisface’ … I could go on and on and on.

Now go look at the EULA naming policy I linked … :laughing:

I’m not going to defend CCP’s enforcement. While it is true they may have information that we don’t always have when making decisions, it is clear by now that in general, their enforcement is inconsistent, sometimes even capricious, highly dependent on the GM, and influenced greatly by the profile and ease of investigation of an issue. They hide behind a murky set of broad rules and precedents that seem impossible for even CCP to keep straight, and expect the players to navigate out of a supposed fear of “rule lawyering” despite the fact they have the final and ultimate say on any issue and can ban you for no reason whatever. No one can “rule lawyer” themselves out of the firing squad.

That said, just because the EULA is broad and not universally enforced doesn’t mean it is useless. Traffic laws are routinely broken and incompletely enforced in most places, but not many people would argue you should throw the whole traffic code out, or alternatively, install speed monitors in every car. It still has a use and is a tool to determine who is right and who is wrong.

In this case though, I think it is pretty clear that a rule was broken and the person at fault has admitted that and apologized for it. In the more grey area though? Well, that uncertainty is just part of the fun of playing Eve.

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I think the biggest difference between names that sound like genitalia and attempting to get someone’s address/information is that it breeches that barrier where it stops becoming the game. I see that as being a serious offense and someone who is capable of amassing such fame is capable of knowing that stuff like that is dangerous. Prime example being The Mitani

Tbh id be down 4 some1 givin me the COMBO!

Getting my name/address so they could come get my genitalia touched

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What if I’m gay and take offense to the word ‘■■■■■■’? What of I’m black and don’t like the ‘n’ word? What if I’m black and gay? Go name search that one. Or just go to Jita local.

The entire subjective EULA is laughable.


If you are offended, write a report. If you present a reasonable argument, those chars will be renamed.
One of the reasons this is handled this way is that you will only ever be able to filter out a fraction of the words you want to filter.

Yeah… well… If someone pulls a gun on The Judge on fanfest, that person has to deal with the police. This is out of CCP’s hands. But these kinds of threats Gigx made CAN be serious. Of course most of the time they are just empty words… but even if there are tens of thousands of people with empty words, it takes just one guy, who really does what he says… and that is the moment, when it would become a nightmare for CCP. Then “Why did you ban X” would become quickly to “Why didn’t you do anything, you saw the threats”. That would be a stain, which is hard to wash off.

THIS is the reason, why CCP acts, even if most of the time its just empty words. But this is not a place for wannabe lawyers to try to find loopholes, there are none.

That’s what I’m talking about, they washed hands, because “look we ban the player” instead of seek peacefull solution. Maybe instead of permabanning they should seeks for other option and don’t be so hasty. People are very serious about their pixels. Now imagine, if this will escalate on EvE Vegas in country with wide access to guns?

Easy to ban alliance leader, person on a pedestal. Make an example. How about regular players? CCP would be doing nothing else that banning players if I would report every offence thrown at me in this game.

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