Not to defend GigX, but the EULA would result in bans everywhere

(Sequester Risalo) #22

I think you are comparing apples and oranges here. But in cases like These you can Count on minerbumping to provide some real comparison. I was going there to look for some rl threats I remembered when in fact they made a case study of the whole incident. They reach the following conclusion:

This, happens all the time. Highsec carebears encourage other players to commit suicide even more often than they make threats of real-life harm.

Look it up at It’s a good read,

(Sabriz Adoudel) #23

CCP do generally apply sanctions to people that use racial slurs.

I’ve seen more than one person drop the N bomb in Dodixie (back when it was a real hub), and then stop talking for 3-7 days. Then they return and usually don’t do it again.

You’d get much, much worse if you said something comparably vicious, but that instead was written to abuse military veterans or terrorism victims.

It’s not automated for very, very good reason, only gets enforced if and when a GM does so, and GMs are generally pretty lenient on people who might be drunk or just acting out of character.

(Dinsdale Pirannha) #24

Pretty straightfoward. The EULA is there so CCP can point to it when they are accused of playing favourites. There have been documented cases in the past where CCP does not apply the EULA equally, across the board. But as long as they have some vague catch-all documentation that they can rely on, they can, and will, get rid of anyone that they consider, or someone tells them, is bad news for the game.

(Major Conan) #25

So i dont know… Im a Jew.
I saw a Corporation called “Alcoholocaust” … So i can report them? Mixing such a bad thing for fun?
Why did CCP doing nothing about that name?

They Spam them InGame and on Reddit and also have a recuritmend thread.
Should we now start to petition every thing?

We are Paying for Service.
But CCP do nothing about that things and reaction only if reported…

(Nana Skalski) #26

What is funnier, they dont even pay attention to their own, vague rules, they are so vague.

(Jenn aSide) #27

And yet somehow you’re still here. hmmmmmm

(CowQueen MMXII) #28

When are two cases ever equal?
It’s not only about a one time offense, it’s also about your history of offenses and how you deal with the punishment.
It is said that GigX was a repeat offender.
He violated the EULA after his ban again by publishing parts of the conversation regarding the topic with CCP.
It is said he encouraged his (former) alliance member to violate the EULA to make a case for him.
He publicly said he didn’t care anyway.

Not sure if there is anything that justifies this behavior (and I mean all of it, not the one “slip” that led to his ban).

(CMDR-HerpyDerpy Hurishima) #29

Report them and they’ll probably get banned, simple. CCP isn’t going to look through a 30k playerbase for names that break the EULA.

(Jeremiah Saken) #30

Why it happens all the time without punishment from CCP? People don’t report such things? If such things were reported and sorted out by CCP, we won’t be having discussion about baning people. It would be obvious that saying offensive will ban your ability to play.
Now CCP made an enviroment that allow scamming and backstabbing and expect people to keep cold blood after such thing as thousands of players work gone in seconds? HTFU?

They weren’t so lenient with GigX case. If there wasn’t huge money backstabbing behind all of that situation they wouldn’t ban him?

That’s the question. How should it work? Should I report such things? How can I be sure I was listen? There a lots of reference to Soviet Union in this game, there is/was corp named Soviet Union. Every reference, symbols etc. to Soviet Union are being chased by law in my country (in general it’s at the same level as Third Reich). Propablly many examples as above in the game, how we should react?

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Don’t discuss warnings and bans on the forums. It’s against the rules.