Ccp is a fruad

I am going to contact the FTC for you FRAUD ! You refuse to provide Specific Performance for services Paid for!

Good luck

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Well I see this thread going places.

Out of curiosity what are you being denied?

Good luck with that.

From the EULA we all agree to:

The sole and exclusive forum for resolving any controversy, dispute or claim arising out of or relating to the EULA, or otherwise relating to any rights in, access to or use of the Software, System, Game, Game Content, User Content and/or the rights and obligations of the parties hereto, shall be the District Court of Reykjavík, Iceland, (Héraðsdómur Reykjavíkur). You hereby expressly waive and agree not to raise any and all objections based on personal jurisdiction, venue and/or inconvenience of such forum and agree to the jurisdiction of the District Court of Reykjavík, Iceland.

There are other parts to that there is no expectation of specific performance too.

I’m no lawyer though, so all the best with your complaint. I’m sure you’ll follow through.

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Man just contact support before you take it out of game. Many years ago when I was broke they refunded my card without question when I told them I forgot to unsub. I’m sure they will do the same for you if you’re not satisfied because of the recent issues.

Remember they’re human beings! And on top of that probably the best game support I’ve ever dealt with.

Completely unenforceable. In the U.S., many states (California being one ) do not allow the waiving of any rights via ToS/EULA. In fact, most of CCP’s ToS/EULA would be a U.S. lawyers dream come true if ever brought before a U.S. court. Which, if a dispute resulted in a lawsuit brought by a U.S. player, CCP would have to head their happy butts ( or at least their lawyers butts ) to the U.S., to whichever state the suit was filed in. Icelandic law means jack squat outside of Iceland’s jurisdiction.

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Are you going to tell their Mommies on them too?

In before lock.

Dude, there are several channels to use before uusing the nuclear option. Going straight to the red button makes you look bad.

Many of the courts would rule in favor of the EULA due to the player knowing what they were getting into. Or atleast they were pointedly told where to find info on what they were agreeing to and if the player claims ignorance CCP just has to demonstrate how the EULA was put in the the face of the player when they began.

That’s why a smart player ( and their lawyer ), if so intent, would challenge the legality of the ToS/EULA itself, thus nullifying it first. That whole waiving of rights thing? Yeah, that’s a good way to get your whole EULA tossed out of the courtroom. Like most companies that try to use illegal and/or shady language to scare their customers, they rely on noone ever finding it worth the bother. Eventually, though, someone bothers and the cards crash down.

While this is true, most of the terms of the CCP EULA are pretty vanilla and would meet the standards of most courts (even in California). Companies only lose these EULA battles through some pretty egregious behavior - none of which is present here.

Look out folks, I think this guy plays Eve:

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Please contact Customer support before creating a rant thread. As this is a rant, I will be closing it. Thank you.

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