Cannot agree to EULA

By chance I decided to venture back Into EVE last night so I logged in to my account on the website, went to purchase game time but had to agree to the new EULA. clicking accept takes me to an internal server error with a random code every time.

Later in the night I saw the great deals on some of the packages and attempted to purchase one. Again I am taken to the EULA page and upon clicking accept I am taken to the internal server error notice.

Is this a common issue related to the recent DDOS attacks?

Try again today. The services might have been affected by the DDoS attacks that apparently happend.

And welcome back. o7

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Came here somewhat expecting a post by someone who actually read CCP’s EULA;
Left vaguely disappointed.

…and I, too, welcome you back!


Same here, seems not to be working yet.

Damn, I have old characters…

happened to me also after a few attempts trying to log after away for awhile. not sure what I did or just get lucky. might be like some contracts you have to actually scroll down as if you read it all or not?

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