I Demand Equal Rights Under the Law ⚖

Discrimination <dis·crim·i·na·tion>

  1. the act of making unjustified distinctions between human beings based on the groups, classes, or skill ranges to which they are perceived to belong.
    Eve Skill Injector
    This is a clear-cut case. I pay the same amount for a Large Skill Injector and I demand the same return. 150k of 500k is only 30%. If CCP was located in the United States they would be subject to a class-action lawsuit.

:anger: CCP…FIX NOW!!! :anger:

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Please allow me to introduce you to the roll eyes emoji.


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


inb4 lock


Just because they’re not, doesn’t mean you can’t sue them. It’s not like they’re located in some strongman’s village in the Congo. Iceland is a democracy and has a good court system. Knock yourself out, kid.

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Long_Walk. Have you met a player called “Short_Pier”?


We have a Texas Guacamole Lawyer around the community somewhere.

Hopefully he’ll be along to offer the OP some assistance.

I have underwear older than you…boy.

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That’s…that’s not a burn at all. It’s quite depressing, actually. The elastics start drying up after a few wash cycles, which implies that either you’ve relegated yourself to wearing very uncomfortable, broken underwear, or worse yet, aren’t washing it.

I hope that you’re not having any severe life issues that are forcing you to live in this state, and this is just an oversight of some sort. If you need someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to reach out. :worried:

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I still think they should have stuck with the original plan of only 50k SP after 80M.

It does not take a lawyer to know this won’t hold in court lol. If you don’t like diminishing returns? Don’t buy it? Also CCP has boosters for late game characters with a lot more SP. If you didn’t notice. If SP injectors had No diminishing returns EVE would be so broken filled with people who would just inject into titans for little cost. No I think its VERY justified to have SP injectors give less SP the higher total SP you have…


I think he’s playing some 4D Chess with his underwear.


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or both?

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You’re clueless mate. It’s a money sink for CCP. Nothing in the real life market mirrors this mechanic. Go ahead…prove me wrong plebe.

I’m just here to leave a comment before the lock.


Clones arent human

Feel free to contract me your Skill Injectors if you don’t want to use them!

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