Hello, from what i can tell CCP believes it is above people who play the game, which if its the case i cant blame them for. They control the game and can change any aspect of it and players cant.

But unless CCP sees itself as equal to the players the game will continue to fade. Why? Because when you think your are above someone you are likely to spoil or ignore the person neither of which leads to growth except perhaps in frustrations. So the result is a unhappy player base which CCP in turn perceives as an ungrateful player base and the divide just grows bigger and bigger as do the problems.

So how can we bridge the divide? CSM was not the solution we can see by now. Thats all. Have a nice day.

Equality is a myth.


It doesn’t have to be

But it is.

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Are you saying it always will be?

A myth will always remain a myth.


Define Equality and Myth because in that case i don’t think its the same

They share a common characteristic, they’re both nouns but the comparison stops there.

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Why use terms you aren’t willing to define

I assume you at least have a high school education and that you are somewhat familiar with the words Myth and Equality.

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Why would you assume i am familiar with your definition of those words? You don’t seem to know the definitions yourself

Because you started a thread about Equality regarding the devs.
Do you mean to say you have no #%$♧&$ clue what your thread is about?

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I think im clear what the thread is about. You made a vague response and refused to clarify but i wont hold it against you. Have a nice day

CCP is the house that built Eve Online and as everybody knows, the house always wins…


“Equality is a myth”.
I don’t see what’s so complicated to understand. It’s a short sentence, no compound words, nothing left to nuance.
Sorry I didn’t know there were toddlers on this website. My bad.

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But CCP is the people




Imo CSM was invented to buy incompetent people in lucrative positions at CCP some time. They can be like “But CSM liked it!” when their ideas fail and still keep their jobs because games don’t die overnight and things are still ok i guess. But it is what it is

What makes you think they don’t play their game?
If I had a game like EvE I would log in and destroy me a few players’ expensive ships. It’s all benefit from there

You’re delirious.


The things they change as well as the things they dont change. Show damage on crystals when?

You’re delirious.

Okay Mr. I Cant Define The Words I Use

Yes, CCP bascially created the CSM to deflect player anger away from themselves, and to be able to hold up a “See, we’re listening!” card whenever players get too dissatisfied. It pushes conflict over CCP directions more towards the player base and away from CCP personnel.

That said, it doesn’t take away from all the hard work the CSM membership has put in over the years trying to make EVE a better place for their particular interest groups. And it adds another layer of “virtual reality” to EVE’s mechanics, because there are few games that officially support a “player council”. So it’s interesting in and of itself, even if it doesn’t have as much impact on CCP as we might like.

CCP and the players aren’t equal, and never will be. Players aren’t game designers. Players aren’t coders. Many players barely know more than how to turn their PC on and connect to the web. “Players”, in general, can not and should not direct game development. To some degree, it’s true when some devs say “we can’t do what players want because players don’t really know what they want, or would be even more unhappy if they actually got it.”

That’s because someone who doesn’t see game mechanics design as an interrelated environment / ecosystem won’t be able to make choices that have balanced and beneficial effects. They see too small a picture, from their own personal bias.

Sure, I disagree with a lot of things CCP does. Sure, the game would have more players if they put more effort into finding out what actually works to keep players around, what loses their interest, and what they’re willing to pay cash for. However that’s a case of CCP becoming more professional, skilled and effective, and has nothing to do with “equality with players”.

Players can be a very good source of information, ideas, and even volunteer work… if you pick and choose very carefully how you gather that information from them. They aren’t equals in design, but of course they should be treated with respect because they’re the customers and the funds source.

The best players can do to achieve equality is the things they have done in the past - organize mass protests, be very visible in public media in their approval/disapproval, gather into larger groups that can make a coherent statement, and vote with their dollars and their online presence.

CCP pays more direct attention to player counts and cash flow, than they ever will to player posts.