Dear CCP,

What happened to your dear HTFU attitude when it came to players crying over stuff?

In the past 3 years I’ve seen EVE evolve from HTFU Online to Sissies Online.

Please stop catering to the weak players, go back to your roots as the most hardcore MMO out there.



While I agree, I feel it needs to be pointed out that CCP could afford to take that attitude back when they weren’t hemorrhaging players and having to introduce F2P and increasing microtransactions to squeeze as much as they can out of their old and only successful product.

Weak players are paying players, unfortunately. Or maybe they aren’t, because Alpha.

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All wolves and no sheep = extinction.

–Shepherd Gadget


More like all sheep and no grass… and none of the sheep dare eat, much less bite the other sheep in the blue circle of faux-aggression.

That’s cute that you and other ‘elite pvpers’ think of yourselves as wolves though.

Well, THB, Gadget is the farmer that feeds the sheep.

Wolves kick her ass too.

–Farmer Gadget


CCP put forth the notion that they want the game to be hard but not to see people lose because of complicated, obscure mechanics. So many chances were made to take this into account.

That said, what specifically are you complaining about?

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I use the roots of the most hardcore MMO out there to pick my teeth after consuming CCP’s HTFU attitude. :smirk:

Back in the day your Tickets got answered same day. Must have sacked them all because an account issue potentially costing them £300+ a year has not been answered for 48hrs. That’s no Eve for those accounts. (Refund issue easily solved).

I’ve been playing since 03 and to the best of my recollection I have never had a ticket answered in one day. Oh and I agree with OP, I have no idea why I still play this game.

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That’s probably because blaming players isn’t the best long term marketing strategy.

So, your HTFU message is a whine-fest, oh the irony !


Actually back when it was HTFU…players were paying players too.

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