Hello, Dear CCP!

All we know old eve online law - Carebear must to suffer. But You are making bad things already and it smells like you are violating consumers rights. In last 3 days you nerfed escallations drop, yesterday after you made class triglavians space npc buffed. And NO ANY NOTE ABOUT IT! Are u fkin think that we dont understand what are u doing??? Are u not scaring about someone maybe will go to press and tell ppl truth? Or u thing that if Mittani has connectoins with “New York Times”, so he will keep all world press in silence about your Mayhem?

We wanna know truth! We wanna get all update notes. And if u make small update 30mb please tell us that in this upd u are nerfing npc drop etc!!!

Are you sure you aren’t just seeing RNG effects, or is there some broader context to this?

Come on.

You are suppose to be playing a multiplayer sandbox game, not Farming Simulator 2019 or some pantomime where you go through the motions of playing a game but can’t ever lose. CCP is allowed to tweak and change their game without notifying you in advance in writing.

Your “rights” are not being violated every time CCP buffs this or nerfs that, or when they add new content to the game. The funny thing is though that it is entirely possible they haven’t touch a thing in regards to your precious ‘drop rate’ and you just had a run of bad luck. Regardless, I think most of us are fine with CCP fixing, improving or otherwise changing the game. In fact, most of us would like them to do it more often so I am not sure what type of rabble you are expecting to raise with this thread.

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It’s the irony of the OP’s name that gets me…

If they do without notice then it can became a big issue for players who adapted to the current version of the game. Typically they lost time to prepare, and later they may lose assets because their previously-adapted fit will be no more adapted.

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Closed due to ranting.