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I posted no profanity, made a reference only tangentally to a lawsuit (not that I would file, just that there was a vulnerability there), and posted in the approporiate forum and yet the post was closed with a veiled threat of more action.

I’ll remember that the next time one of your support personnel tells me to “take it to the forums” I got exactly the response I expected: derision, insults, and dismissal.

I am a (now disabled) IT pro of almost 30 years experience. I know a crap-awful UI when I see one. I know a UI not developed in accordance with the (now 35 year old) HIDG that have guided UI development for more than the lifetimes of most of the people who play this game.

This isn’t an issue up for debate - it’s fundamentally flawed. Actions that should produce identical results don’t based solely on the window from which they were initiated. There are basic functions in this game that take 8-10 mouse-clicks to complete. There are elements of the game that behave inconsistently (why does the “reward” window close when you accept a reward but not when you trash it - why is a second and then third mouseclick needed for that). The ergonomics if this game are just awful and could easily be fixed.

I’ve not gotten anyone to care - CCP is too busy inventing red dots and fiddling while Rome burns around them. This game is dying and I really don’t want it to.

But I’m forbidden to even attempt to join the team that has the greatest impact on player communication with CCP because I’m too infirm to travel.

“Reasonable accomondation” can and should be made for people who cannot travel and who have something to contribute - what that is, I don’t know, but simply saying “If you can’t make one in-person meeting during the course of a year you can’t have a voice at this level” is manifestly unfair.

With regards to the other thread, I didn’t “threaten a lawsuit” at all. I said the issue might be worthy of one (personally I hate lawyers and have never sued anyone in my life although I sort of accidentally benefited from a few class-action suits regarding a predatory lender in Florida in the early 2000s).

If posting a legitimate complaint about the exclusion of a protected class of people from the CSM elections in the CSM Assembly Hall isn’t permitted and is considered de facto trolling, something is very wrong.

If not here, where?

Eve and CCP offer no other forum, certainly none directly with the company, in which to discuss this matter.

What I said was true. The requirement to have a passport excludes a disproportionate number of black and brown skinned people in the U. S. (I’m as pasty white as they come). It excludes those with disabilities which make international travel difficult or impossible (I require assistance breathing and can’t travel without a significant portable power supply).

Are you all telling me that in an age of high-definintion webcams and very good quality microphones and after months of much of the world telecommuting that reasonable accomodations for someone who has something valuable and unique to bring to the CSM can and should be prevented from even attempting to join that august body because he is disabled?


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@ISD @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode he’s trying to reopen locked thread

There are several things about the UI that require mouse clicks so they can’t be easily automated by hotkey macros and bots. It’s that way for a reason…

Really. It’s a botting issue to claim your daily rewards?

It’s a botting issue that you can’t “automate” trashing them if they’re of no use to you?

I doubt that very much.

You realize CCP is located in Iceland, right?

I’m not reopening it. I"m commenting on its closure for no reason that makes any sense to me at all.

If not here, where?

You may not think so, but these are legitimate issues and should be something we can discuss.

Yes, the least of which is the daily rewards UI. They are more interested in keeping players from botting other, much more lucrative areas of the UI…

You were given the exact reasons and the rules of the forum you violated in the ISD’s final comment before closure. You should go read those again.

Given your attitude here, and your behavior, I don’t think you are even fit mentally to serve on the CSM, let alone even be the one to try and raise this as an issue. lmao

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No, I was not.
I didn’t use profanity and I was not trolling.

Those aren’t the only rules.
You should go back and read them again.

Bear in mind, I was told “Anus Butt Fitter” was a perfectly reasonable name for a player when I complained about it.

I doubt that “piss-poor” rises above that as “profanity”.

I did not “threaten” legal action.

I pointed out that it was likely lawsuit worthy but I never threatened to do it.

Any action that restricts a protected class from participation without making reasonable accomodations is likely to be lawsuit worthy.

Posting a GWOT of generalities is not telling me which of that mass of text was supposedly in violation.

I used no profanity and made no threats.

Cool. CCP doesn’t care what you intended. They took it as such and are escalating it to the appropriate parties. Enjoy.

Where are you even getting this? lmao

Again, those aren’t the only rules you broke. Stop falling back and parroting this like a broken record. It’s not gonna help you, lmao.

If this is how you’re going to throw a tantrum on the forums, I’m really glad you’re not on the CSM.

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No it’s not. I gave you concrete reasons why it isn’t.

melodramatic much?

Enough with the sob story. I sympathize with your disability, but accommodations can only go so far before it becomes a matter of “life sucks, deal with it”.

You appear to have a lot of emotional baggage given the extent to which you are pouring your heart and personal life details over a game - perhaps it would benefit you to speak with a therapist. I do not say this sarcastically.

Remember that “no real life politics” rule?

This might explain the gross insensitivity to and lack of qualifications to speak on behalf of incarcerated and minority population.


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You want a legal education. I suggest you go get one.

You cannot simply say “We only want the healthy and the young” in virtually any situation without repercussions.

I choose not to pursue them because I freaking hate lawyers, but I’m not the only person out there who sees this.

I may be the only one who has thick enough skin to attempt to post here because you folks are just evil.


We’re not evil, we’re realistic. Accommodations can only go so far.

“Real Life Politics” has nothing to do with this.

I’m not discussing the political system.

I’m discussing a discriminatory policy by CCP.

While discrimination does play into politics, discussing it outside of the mention of any political party or process isn’t covered by that rule.