Agist, Racist, and anti-Disabled Requirements for CSM Membership

In an age where near-professional broadcasting rigs can be had for a few hundred dollars, requiring the ability to physically travel to anywhere when it’s physically impossible due to medical issues seems somewhere between agist (older players are more likely to have such health problems), racist (black and brown people in the U. S. are far more likely to be felons and have trouble obtaining a passport - neither of which are relevant to game play or representation of players), and a violation of the laws of several nations (including the United States) that protect the rights of the disabled.

It’s bad enough having to deal with this piss-poor UI and unresponsive GMs, but being locked out of the best possible way of making a change happen because I can’t physically travel any more? That’s utterly ridiculous and probably worthy of a lawsuit.

This policy needs to change and it needs to change now.

There’s absolutely no reason attendance at your meetings can’t be done via telesession other than you WANT them to be live.

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In-room meetings are the best way to ensure confidentiality. There is also a great personal benefit to meeting people face-to-face and having a rational discussion.

While I agree your concerns are important and should be discussed, your post comes across as a rant. Perhaps you could re-state your thoughts in a more open way.

That’s utterly ridiculous and probably worthy of a lawsuit.

Oh good lord…please, go for it…


Data Laughing


In the midst of your rant you forgot to mention cis, alt-right, Trump, and throw the NRA in there somewhere for good measure…


…plus flat-earthers, anti-vaxxors and 4Chan.

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You seem to fundamentally misunderstand the goal and point of the CSM.

omg, please do. I need more things to laugh at.


Make sure you hire a great Texas Lawyer for that lawsuit…


So it is agist/anti-disabled to expect someone to perform their function that demands in-person engagement because telepresence by its nature is insufficient, unreliable, does not ensure privacy/confidentiality, and is inconvenient given time zone discrepancies (ie. my 2pm is your 4am)?

What’s racist is how you blanket black & brown people as less likely to get passports and argue how that supposedly serves as categorical grounds for racism.

Either you’re a troll or you’re an idiot, or both. But for sure you’re wasting our time.

@ISD please close this thread.


Due to breaking the following two rules and threatening legal action, I will be closing this thread and escalating it. Thank you.

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