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Hey, will you guys answer this poll on Twitter please? Since I’m running for CSM, I’d like to get as many answers as possible

I don’t have a Twitter account, could you make a poll on these forums too?


Should the OP make a poll?

  • Yes it should
  • Please let go of my nipple
  • Cucumber sandwich
  • It wasn’t red this morning
  • No it shouldn’t

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Do I have a disability that effects how I play Eve?

Yes I have a brain.

My corpmates and alliancemates throughout the years say I dont.

My enemies say I have no soul or heart.

I think these are all disabilities.:smiling_imp:

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The forums can hold a poll. Why use twitter or facebook to dox people’s RL identities?
Damn, some really sick individuals are running for CSM these days…

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Iv’e moved this over to the Assembly hall since it is related to the CSM.


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