Returning player with some questions for the CSM canidates

I’ve played eve on and off for years, since 2007 to be honest, finally walking away in 2015, and only resurrecting an old account to return recently.

Over those years I have seen several CSM’s come and go, The first couple of CSM’s I voted in, but after that I started to find issues with the CSM, and with many of the members and canidates, I became disillusioned with the CSM and refrained from voting in many CSM elections.

Over the years I have found several canidates unapproachable, arogant and condesending towards people who approach them, rather than being supportive, open and willing to discuss topics brought to them in a constructive way.

How will you as canidates maintain and provide an open, honest and supportive way for players to approach you with topics without becoming what I have described above?

As CSM canidates, how do you see Casual players within the game environment? By Casual players I mean people who play between 0 and say 15 hours a week, sometimes don’t seek or involve themselves heavily in the game or its community or the “Meta” and/or maybe prefer to live their entire career in 1 character corps or remain for years in an NPC corp?

My door is always open, regardless of who you are or what you do in the game. If I get re-elected, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns. I will express my opinion, but even if we disagree, I’ll respect yours.

Casual players represent the bulk of all EVE Online players, so I consider them to be the backbone of the game. Ensuring that they have enough things to do to keep them occupied when they choose to play is important. Player retention is an important thing - we want folks to stick with the game.


The sad truth is that around 7 out of 10 people elected to the CSM will disappear from ANY communications on these boards. Most will stick to their alliance or corp channels. Perhaps they may post on Reddit, but usually they keep their heads down and ignore the distraction of dealing with the general player crowd. 1 or 2 will either post weekly or monthly blogs/updates on the boards, which is helpful, but due to NDAs they tend to remain unspecific and not fully engaged to the rest of us. A very rare few over the years have decided to wade into the official EVE forum pool and splash around with the rest of us in discussing issues we are having with the game. They usually take a lot of heat; even tho most of time they had nothing to do with an unpopular decision by CCP or even fought against what CCP planned.

There are some candidates, both old and new, that have a track record of strong communications with others. Do a search on these boards to see what their past history has been on issues, even if they weren’t on any CSM. Good communicators show their talent in most forms of information transfer. That being said, you’ll not hear from 75% of the CSM outside of CCP reports when the election becomes final.


i am arrogant, selfish, badass, dont vote me… (in character)

Hey buddy and firstly welcome back to the game. I am a candidate who stems from that casual playstyle and can relate easily with that position. In regards to your question above I think it is in the person, either they are open honest and approachable or they are just an arrogant condescending…

I do not care if people want to shoot, me in game, destroy my “FAUX empire” so long as they are in this game and enjoying it. I have opened a Discord that I am trying to build a casual community hub so we can have an easy location to talk to folks as and when we see fit as individuals.

I am less known in the wider community than some of the other candidates running this year, I am sure if you start communicating with me you see that I do not fit the model you described above.


Keep in mind that people can still be reached outside of player channels or reddit.

If the play time is limitid they might wanna go in fleets while youre in a fleet you have to fucos so cant discuss items in public channels or you simply let youre fleet down regardless of youre a logy dps scout or fc.

there is a very nice feature in eve called eve mail , some ppl already aproached me by eve mail and they do not get ignored.
I do have to add it maybe takes a bit before there can be a response cause of many possible reasons including timezones work activeties ingame etcetra.

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I will not stop being nice, because of a title. And I am a very open person.
If it get’s too much for me to handle, I can always hire somebody to help me :slight_smile:

Capsuleers who don’t spent that much time in the pod shouldn’t be deprived. The universe should be a nice place, that serves everybody and not only a limited amount of highly productive people. I am a casual baseliner myself and that’s why I am aiming for things that benefit all people equally ^_^’


Open door policy for me. Last time I was on the CSM I actively sought out people who disagreed with me to get their opinion. I didn’t always agree with it but I let them speak and accepted their feedback. The CSM can’t control the communication problems that CCP has as a company but the least we can do is set a good example.

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I think I can stand on my record on this one.

I have been the person who works for and thinks about the Casual player, hell I was one for a long period of time. I do communicate with folks before elections and in day to day whether I am elected or not.

Ask around, see if my reputation stands.



Casual play is A-OK. Even us die hards have times when we play casually. The biggest reason I fly in Black rise right now is my work schedule was very erratic and I didn’t know how often I would be able to login. So I chose an area of space that fit my requirements: quick access to pew and quick access to reshipping. Black Rise is only 4 jumps from Jita (if you hate your ships and go through Tama) and has varied pew pew elements.

As for being approachable, I am everywhere and try to always be available. My public record on this isn’t as great as my private record. For public I am in RvB, known for helping new bros. I have guest lectured for Eve Uni. And I have on occasion lurked in rookie chat.

Privately, I have spent countless hours answering questions from newbros (and oldbros coming back or learning new mechanics) to help them be able to fly safe (or reckless) in the skies of New Eden.

My name is the same in game as it is in the forums (obviously) as well as on twitter, twitch, FB, reddit and gmail. I am easy to find and (hopefully) easy to talk to.

As for most of the Candidates that have already responded: they responded. Out of 40 candidates, these are the ones who felt you and your question were worth the time to respond. Think about what that says about them. Yes, the could be pandering for votes. But they took the time to pander. Also, most of them (some I don’t know well) have well established records of responding and communicating with players.

A lot of people will ignore or actively bash CSM but I think most of that is from misunderstanding how CSM works. Glad to see someone willing to open a discussion and have an open mind about it. Points to you.

And since there is only 1 day left in voting - shameless plug —
Vote Insidious Sainthood for CSM.

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Welcome back to EVE online! I hope you’ll enjoy your time within it, no matter the amount of time you spend on it.

EVE online has a lot to offer and there isn’t just one or the “right” way to play it. I keep an open mind and want to learn more about different styles of play within the game. I am not one to judge people based on how they prefer to enjoy the game.

If I am elected into the CSM, people are welcome to reach out to me via evemail, discord or via regular email. As long as the feedback goes further as just “this sucks, make it better” without any reasoning as to why it suck, what should be improved or how things could be improved; I am there for all players and styles of play.
Besides the direct feedback, I will also check the forums and I will publish a list of topics that either have caught my attention or has been brought to my attention. This list will be kept up to date, including the general status of the subject.

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Thank you to those who bothered to reply, I have voted in this CSM and I will make sure when I do find the need to contact CSM representatives I will seek out you guys, of course if and when you get elected.

Much appreciated.


Please note that what you’re about to read should be read aloud in a John Cleese impersonation, such as you can manage.

Well, let’s see. I’m already openly available on Discord, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, In-Game Mail, Google Mail, Slack, and Carrier Pidgeon… You’re not getting my cell phone number.

By some measures, I’m a “dirty casual”. Please be more specific.

That’s a big spread, sir, but I see where you’re going. Do go on.

Their loss, really. I’m not going to put a keyboard and mouse in their hands and a gun to their head and shout, “Play EVE!” Nor am I going to discourage them for not attending meetups, going to awesome events, or making friends. EVE’s a game, play it how you like.

The meta changes faster than a politician’s equivocations. I can’t blame anyone for not keeping up.

/End John Cleese Impersonation here.

Hey, don’t knock the 1 character corps or NPC corps. First off, Mike Azariah is a one-man corp and he’s done more for new players in the game than anyone alive. So, being a one-man corp is not a bad thing. Secondly, the Center for Advanced Studies is an NPC corporation (starter corp for newbros) that happens to have a community extremely well organized to support newbros and its members. It’s probably the fourth or fifth best-organized group in the game.

… I think you’re trying to get to a specific point, so I’m going to summarize and you let me know if I’m close.

Q: How approachable are you and how supportive are you of play styles or engagement levels which do not align with your own experience?

A: I actively and openly support people directly and through my content production on media platforms. Further, I’m writing this after the voting period has ended - I’m clearly not trying to curry votes in giving you a happy answer. It’s just who I am. If you need help, and you contact me, I’ll do my best to give it.


Just to keep it honest, I am in the npc corp of Scope and have been for 5 years but yes, I run a one man Operation with th support of players like Jurius and other vets who like what I do for the game.


Thank you for your replies, and Yes I did invision a John Cleese voice while reading your reply @Jurius_Doctor It actually made it more meaningful.

I must admit Jurius, you and Mike were high on my list of votes even before you replied, as was Brisc. Again thank you.

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The whole idea of our coalition is to focus on new players and new players often translate for casual players. Not all of them are ready to make eve the second job right away, it might take some time for them and some will always remain casual.

Key points of our community is to focus on how players can find relevant information without reading 100 pages worth of guides and recommendations about different things as at that point you are no longer a casual who wants to try a new thing. In order to help people to do this we have been trying to create as simple as possible procedures that will guide players by the basic things so that they can get the spark to research more.

And everything to finding information starts with communication. Key players and information should be easily accessible without a fear of talking to “the big guys” and for this reason i have tried to make myself as accessible as possible so that even the brand new players can ask me questions. This is also one of the main reasons i use my main toon for recruitment mails instead of junk alts as people then have a less of a stepping stone to reach out for the guy who sits on top of the coalition.

Outside of our own coalition im active most on reddit and in here. Im more of a person who monitors topics and comments on them when needed but not a player who posts just for karma.

On a bit of a side topic it might be cool if players could contact CSM the same way they can contact CCP via the F12 menu? This way you would not actually need to look around for an external csm page for current csm and then try to mail them or find their contact information for other tools and it would be easier to approach the CSM if you have no clue who your point of contact would be.


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