Arielle en Distel | Wormhole Care Bear for CSM 13

o7 Pilots,

My name is Arielle en Distel and I am running for CSM XIII. I have been playing EVE Online for just over two years and in that time I have learned things and I still have a lot more to learn. I will not make promises on things I will change, because in the end, CCP has the final say in changes to EVE Online. However, I will tell you some of the things that I would like to see changed in game-play and User Experience. My campaign will be centered around two basic concerns: EVE’s User Interface, and the Disabled Player Experience.

EVE’s User Interface (UI)

The UI has come a long way since I’ve started playing EVE, and a lot farther from images I’ve seen from the early years. Just in the last few months CCP has released a new UI Skinning option where you can choose the color scheme of the UI. In my option, making things “look cool” shouldn’t be one of the top priorities.

UI Text Size: I believe that CCP should change the text size in this menu as many people rely on it when traveling around in the cluster. If CCP doesn’t want to force a text size change on everyone, then give those who would like to increase the text size the option to do it. In extension of giving the ability to change text sizes, I think this option should be developed and inserted into all aspects of the UI.

UI Transparency: For people with visual disabilities having the chat, overview and other UI tools transparent can be troublesome. In the past, you could unpin or pin an item to make it non transparent. From what I can tell, that option doesn’t work with the new UI skinning.

Disabled Player Experience

I’ve already mentioned a few things in the UI section that can be attributed or put in this section. I believe that CCP should be doing more to make sure anyone who is interested can play EVE, and play it as well as possible. Therefore, I am going to be a voice and an ear for the disabled players in New Eden. I am only legally blind, so from my stance I have several issues with the game’s UI. However, there numerous other players with various disabilities who we need to reach out and see if they need assistance.

WIth all of this being said, I do have one pledge to make right here and now. I will talk with you, answer your questions and listen to you when you need me to. If I don’t have answers to your questions, I will find them. Besides, if you ask me questions, it will help me develop a better understanding of what, you, the players are interested in changing or improving.

Fly Safe,
Arielle en Distel
Rescue Cache Tender
Signal Cartel


How do you find out people are lost in WH’s? I’m curious

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People normally join the eve-scout channel in game for help.

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Is there a reason your not applying with your main?

Mainly because this is my main now.

Good luck with your campaign, Arielle! These are important topics that need the voice of experience on the CSM. And not just for disabled players either. As an older player, I feel as though the EVE UI doesn’t go far enough to let me adjust it for my visual comfort…these old eyes ain’t what they used to be and I find it harder than ever to focus on tiny UI elements for long play sessions.

More discussion in the CSM about UI issues faced by the visually disabled as well as older players (and EVE’s player base is aging) would be most welcome.


Thanks for your support Mynxee!


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They reach out to us…more info here, if you’re curious.


Been in the hospital with pneumonia and the flu. I didn’t get to see FanFest or anything. I get out today to the news that I’m “OFFICIALLY” a candidate for CSM13. Please bare with me and I’ll have a statement out in the next few days.

I see you’re here on a platform of UI/UX and accessibility.

Why does your title mention that you are a wormhole carebear? Is that significant to your campaign in any way? Will you be participating in discussions of other topics, such as those pertaining to wormholes, if they come up in your CSM career?

If so, what are your opinions on how wormholes stand? What is your view of the game? What kind of changes would you make? Which communities do you draw upon?

If not, do you have plans on contributing to CSM outside of UI/UX and accessibility topics? How much time do you plan on devoting to CSM activity?

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