I would like to see a special area for people who have a real life disability who cannot react as fast you're just an idea below

I would gladly pay extra to see a save Zone where you could mining everything you want including the rare stuff that you could only get in nullsec and things like that

because honestly it’s not that I don’t like PVP I’m not fast enough I have a real life disability call spastic cerebral palsy

that doesn’t allow my eye hand coordination to be fast enough to react to multiple targets at once so for me it’s more of I love the game for the mining aspect of it

I would even be okay paying the extra and not being able to get into anything else but the mining vehicles and maybe

I enjoy small scale ratting Angel dens and things like that I take the Orca and allow my drones to do the job I try to Target as fast as I can but my dreads going to get them before I have a chance to lock on because of my eye hand coordination with the keyboard

With a lot of tank and stuff allow me to have time to choose a Target I need to

I guess overall I would like to see a non-combat area where you could choose to do Mining and Industry and making ships and things like that I’m not saying that delivering them couldn’t be dangerous I’m not saying when you leave that zone you’re not going to be in the same danger as you would be like any other place in normal Empire space I’m just wanting a place where we can enjoy mining industry without the worry of getting shot at why we’re doing it because we don’t have the coordination to react fast enough

And I’m also thinking there would be limits on what you would be allowed to make and that zone like maybe nothing bigger than the Orca So no jump freighters or anything like that


You’re in luck! Such places exist in EvE already, no limitations and no extra costs! Go join a nullsec alliance as a nullbear.


The biggest thing there is I would still run the risk of getting blown up because I would need somebody to protect me 24/7 because I don’t have any normal sleep pattern I can be on for sometimes 72 hours and crash for 18 hours

And honestly if I was able to get my my mining ship out without getting blown up I still wouldn’t be any good at fighting back against them because my eye hand coordination I’m just not fast enough for PVP it all comes down to I’m just not fast enough for PVP

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It’s never too late to take a course in reading comprehension.

+1 OP

“reading comprehension”, eh? I actually answered with the best solution to the OP’s situation.


I have took reading comprehension courses that’s how I’ve got as far as I am now but I still struggle I taught myself to read when I graduate high school I was on the fourth grade reading level I am now well above a college level and both vocabulary and written word but I still struggle with where to put periods exclamation points things like that that’s a part of my disability according to the experts

If regular hi-sec mining is too much of a risk due to the long reaction time you can try deadspace mining in mission pockets. Some (low level) missions have huge chunks of rich plagio fields that you can mine each day (and you can take several such missions) and harvest the for an entire week then finish the mission.

They contain only one rat as I recall which you can easily tank (you must not kill it as otherwise the mission is completed) so mine before downtime then the site respawns along with the roids and you can do it again before next downtime.

You can have several such sites active as several missions from different agents. So although this is not 100% safety either as your ship can be combat probed down as well you can use d-scan to discover probes so you have longer time to react before anyone can warp in so still more secure than a regular mining location (belt or anomaly).

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OP, really about the safest mining possible in EvE is as part of a nullbear operation. You would be in guarded 24/7 space. Often deep in guarded space and intel channels will tell you if any hostiles or neutrals are coming many systems away. You really should look into it.


If you play during their prime time,and stop when they stop. Mining in missions is a safer bet.

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First, there’s severely disabled players playing the game, one even ran for CSM and he plays PvP.
Second, safe havens exist and are exploited by nullbears. Become a nullbear and exploit them yourself too.
Third, any new safe havens would also be exploited and would break the game more.
Fourth, it’s just a videogame. You don’t need to play it.
Fifth, it’s EVE. Sh*t WILL happen. Beat it.


Grand design is about to reply…lets see what he says…

That comment was directed at Playtex VonBrenner, not you. I was defending your position.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

*KB reference made for training purposes only (3/118).
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Okay guys and girls I wasn’t trying to spark a fight here I was just trying to see if there will be other people interested in somewhere relatively unique in Eve for someone with special needs nothing more nothing less I’m going to try to get some sleep for a couple hours and yes I would be willing to pay for it I put 80 bucks and skill injectors last month to get myself to where I’m at now and I put a hundred bucks for operating cash this month and I lost a good 50 on an orca because of my own stupidity going into 0.4 I think they were Russian Pirates and said they couldn’t speak English in their profile I don’t know exactly what they were but from the looks of it they were probably Russian Pirates

Seriously though, highsec mission mining, or finding a really good alliance in null is your safest bet.

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@Jennifer_Austin - you did nothing wrong, you didn’t instigate conflict. Your question was completely legit. I will message you in-game regarding this. o7


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I’m in a comparable league like the OP: My eyes have no lenses (Aphasia)*. I can not focus like normal people can.

Like the OP I thought I would need a special place to thrive in EVE.

While I can not say how the OP’s situation is exactly I think that would be a wrong strategy to solve such problems.

It was tough to find my niche and I had to learn that there is a lot in EVE I can not enjoy like others do.

But then there is a solution: Other players.

Like some players enjoy making other players live miserable, other love to help fellow people. That is even a chance to create content in a extra cooperative way.

So please do not read the OP’s suggestion as a “bend EVE to my liking” but as a “do you have an idea how can I thrive in EVE?” post.

(* In fact this is only one of many limitations I suffer from).


You have a point but did you read that last little bit there. Above your post. I believe the issue became resolved. In fact someone told the OP to email them.

Yes, it took me a while to write my post :wink:

Ok cool.