Character Naming

Looking at the name people come up with, i think something needs to be done about the available name pool.

I see 2 solutions to this. Either scrap some of the oldest names, give them a “free name change” ticket…

Or unlock non English characters. I think the ASCII table includes the French characters: é è ê ç à.

Maybe even make it case sensitive.

It would be nice.

Or players could simply stop naming their toons stupid ■■■■…


I have no issues coming up with names. I never had a situation with my dozens of chars where the game told me that the name was already taken. People who use garbage as names (like your name) should not have it easy to get this crap into the game.

Besides: CCP has already deleted names from old chars that have not played in years to open them up again for newly joined people.

However, a real issue is that you can have names that are not searchable ingame. It should not be possible at all to have a char with 1 or 2 letters only as first or second name because such names cannot be searched as the ingame search requires 3 characters without a space.


You can add a space when searching…

I know. Try to search a character via the Search Bar with a name like “A BC”. The game tells you the following:


The same message pops up when you search this name in P&P with Partial Terms setting. Only when you set it to Exact, you get results. Problem is that you cannot change that setting in the search bar (because there are no settings) and in P&P you’d have to change settings all the time because Exact is utterly inconvenient.

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Search bar? Just auto link.

Does not work. Gives the same error message.

you need to have 3 letters in one of the two sections for instance so searching a bcd will give you a bcde aa bcd al bcd and bcd a

Yes, but there are players ingame that have characters with names similar to my example.

A guy once asked about this at a player event. Apparently CCP has freed up names from accounts that haven’t been logged into for a long time before. I got the impression that they didn’t seem to keen on doing it again. Maybe they got a bunch of blowback. I dunno.

What I can tell you is that even though all the “obvious” names are taken, a lot of people are still managing to to come up with creative and memorable names. I’ve also managed to snap up a few OG names from biomassed characters by periodically doing searches.

Come to think of it, I wonder if there’s a way to create a program that will search the ESI/API/whatever for a list of names, and tell you if any have become available due to biomasses/corp closures/whatever. That could be quite useful.

@Steve_Ronuken I’m bugging you because I don’t know who else to ask? Is something like that possible?

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Old Trial Account Character Names Freed Up

With Rhea, we are freeing over six million character names used on old trial accounts that never became subscribing accounts.

Can’t believe that this was in 2014. How time flies.


For a name like mine, open the people & places contact window. Within that menu is a search bar; next to it select the drop-down option ‘exact terms.’

This will allow you to search Y O U.

I know that. However, that should not be necessary.

CCP also freed up all non-reserved names for Dust 514 players who responded to (now defunct) Project Nova promotional event.

Lots of names still available.

wth? What’s with the personal attacks?

Did someone step on your ice cream cone? You got issues sir.

EDIT: You don’t like the idea, fine. Constructive criticism is ok. Blasting the guy because… UHHHH

My guess is he isn’t attacking you personally, but is attacking your choice of name.

Because seriously, Popcorn Dispenser?

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The reason i picked this name is i didn’t want to use a lame excuse for a word, just to get a name through character creation. Considering what goes on in English Help, it’s at least a little relevant.

It could be just a mix of phonetics. Like that guy up there.

Im confused what’s wrong with popcorn dispenser. there are far less creative names out there.

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