Additional Item Information

i would like to request that the descriptions of some items are updated with information on how/where to find the items.

For example I obtained a “Firewall” Signal Amplifier BPC a while back. Under the required input materials it has various items needed to make it, thats great and I can buy those items from market if I wanted to, however what if I want to go get the items and make the thing myself from all the materials?

At the moment it is not obvious how to obtain these items. If you look under the Sleeper Foundation Block it simply says “Alloys and special materials used in the manufacture of modules based on Ancient technology.”

If that obtained clues as to the sites needed, or even an area of space to visit it would create content.

On the one hand I agree. That information isn’t always obvious and as a QoL thing it would be great.

On the other hand though, part of what attracts a number of people to the game is the research required, the building and/or use of third-party sites, how things take time to understand, how learning from others helps the community, etc.

So on this I’m inclined to look at this as a good addition. +1

I don’t know how many people are attracted by this, but I’m sure a lot more are scared away. This is one of the reason why EVE is the bottom of learning curve jokes and why it is called spreadsheet simulator.
Personally I think third party sites are a proof that a lot is missing from the game. Players shouldn’t be required to leave the game and browse the internet to understand basic stuff, like what can be made from a specific rare drop, or what we need to kill to have a chance of obtaining more.
I think the industry tab should also list the blueprints that are using the items, while the description should include at least some vague notes about what kind of enemies drop those items.

I fully support the OP.

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