New Tab in item info

Without using tools outside of the game, it is difficult to know which skills apply to which items.
If possible could there be a tab added to item descriptions with the list of skills which apply to an item for player ease of use?


And/or the reverse - a tab on each skill the shows what items it effects.

unless i’m missing something, every mod in game, will tell you what is affected by it.

if you could give me an example of what you are referring to.

Well, technically, item cards will tell you what the skill requirements are, and not what skills have an effect on the mod. So, there are certainly cases where the skill requirements will include skills that have no effect, and there might be cases where skills that do have an effect aren’t listed. Dunno.

Still, to OP, I know it isn’t perfect, but the skill requirements tab should give you a pretty good indication of what skills will affect items. The ones that you can “ignore” will be the skills that are prerequisites for other skills.

I feel like this would be more work than necessary IMO.

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I don’t know if it would really be a lot of work. The relation of skills to modules must be stored somewhere in game for the game to work out what the stats for the module is. It would just be a matter of pulling that information and displaying it.

An example would be a Target Painter. If you check the requirements tab there is 2 skills listed, only one that actually affects the modules. But there are 4 skills that effect it, think the OP would like a clear list without having to carefully read everything listed under “Electronic Systems” or use something like Eve University wiki to look it up.

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@Bartolovic I like this idea.

It will help all players to see which skills to train to improve the operation/fitting etc of an item. Very useful when focusing on something.

I think it will also be super useful for new players. Will help them get their bearings in the long list of skills in Eve, and definitely assist in learning about which skills do what.

@Telaila_Endashi is correct. It is easy because all modules and items have attributes that define their category. It is how the market and other stuff, and also external tools, know which category to place items in.

Items used for industry already do something similar. Info window for materials/components show you which blueprints they are used as ingredients. It proves that showing skills for modules/items can also be added easily.

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This game DESPERATELY needs a ‘character sheet’ where we can see the total sum bonuses of all of our skills.

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Eve fitting tool pulled it off over a decade ago.

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many sub skills are this way, there are actually a lot of problems where this comes up, far more than I realized when trying to make skill plans.

I mean hell any T1 small weapon only lists gunnery as a pre-req Even T2 ECM mods just require the base skill and not any of the modification skills.

To add to the OP I would also like a “show advanced attributes” box in settings. I know CCP is afraid to show proper information but anyone who has been playing for 3+ months would benefit from this information not being hidden and would have removed the need for the useless tracking number that was added.

Heat mechanics alone would be far less obtuse if these numbers were accessible without needing 3rd party tools


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