Upgrade "Requirements" Tab in item info with "Effecting Skills"

I propose that CCP modify the “Requirements” tab of item info to include “Effecting Skills”.

The requirements would be listed at the top as normal, but below it lists all the skills that affect the module, so fitting skills, things like “Fuel Conservation” for an afterburner.

I think this would help everyone. It would help veteran players ensure they have all the required skills and support skills injected and trained per module. New players would also benefit from this being a type of index for what they need to get and why. Preventing a new character from being left with holes in their skill plans.

modified, for clarity.

Replacing the prerequisites tab would be a terrible idea. Adding a calculations tab where it shows how it gets to the value that it does would be complicated, but I’d love it because I love seeing the math.

Not a replacement, I guess. More of “add to it”.

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