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picture this, you’re new in game, completed the NPE, you see a cool ship flying around, you bring up the info on the ship, look at the requirements and see you need X number of skills.

at the bottom by “view market details” and “show in ship tree” another button “buy outstanding skills” and “train skills”

Buy Outstanding Skills:
this would work like the “buy and inject” system in place, you hit buy, isk comes out of your wallet, skills go into your character, going from cheapest to most expensive.

Train Skill
with a click of a button you load the skills and their prerequisites into the skill que. (if you can do this for a singular skill why not a whole group?)
this will then begin training you up so you can sit in the seat of the cool ship you want to fly.

my thinking specifically is that this will help new bros get into ships with ease, creating an ease of access approach. and flattern the curve a little for getting people into game.

you’d want to cap this at a certain ship class such as battleships, making it alpha friendly feature.
this way flying more complex ships will require players to create their own skill ques or talk to others in game.

thought it was neat idea worth a share.

It’s a bit hidden behind the simulation feature, but the functionality does exist.

Adding it to the show info window under the requirements tab would probably be good.


huh, that’s actually really neat that its already in the game, but I would have to protest as it is quite a bit convoluted and honestly I’m glad you agree it should be easier to find / access.
imagine yourself as a new bro, you see cool ships flying around and you’re fortunate enough to have someone helping you, they tell you how to bring up the information on the ship that caught your eye and find requirements and you hear this.

“now I’ve shown you where the requirements are, lets open entirely new windows from what we were previously just talking about”

this takes the learning experience and adds extra steps to it, when there should be an easier option (especially for new bro alphas) to buy and train the skills they need, if companies can have a 1 click pizza ordering system for example on websites, then we should have this very option available somewhere on the ship information section

10,000,000% this should be in the requirements tab, or perhaps just a tab in itself.

To be fair though, it’s better to have this in the fitting simulation so that you can work on the requirements for the fitted ship, not just the hull. I’ve found that this often causes disappointment for folks who have just injected into ship x but haven’t considered all the things you need to fit to the hull to make it work.


hmmm you’re right, when someone gives a new bro a ship and says fly that, you clearly make effort to train into it, however at this point the new player already knows how to navigate the neocomm, operate the markets, manage skill queue etc.

my thought is more targeted towards the new player who’s gone through the NPE but are not at the point where they’re talking to other players, its been my experience with people in gaming that people will want to learn how to do things themselves and then look for a larger group, as with basically every online game, there is a limit as to what you can do as a solo player and thus you need a larger group for more rewarding challenges, however the user interface of the game is ultimately not user friendly.

consider EVE as a table top game for a moment.
everything works on a simple mechanic (point and click)
however each window that opens acts as like a sub mechanic within the game.

an example of which is Shadowrun, the mechanics run on a d6 system where you count successes, but depending on what you’re doing depends on the threshold and difficulty set vs your characters skill level which means almost everything you do has its own ruleset and sub mechanic.

so in my opinion what CCP should do specifically for the benefit of new players is simplify the process of how new people access the information window specifically and then from there have options available, brand new players who have no idea about the game are going to think to open the skill tree, click simulate fit and then look for a yellow skill book icon where they can buy the skills from, it just seems like a lot of extra work for the new player who doesn’t know anything about the game.

the tweaks I propose would help ease that learning curve and i would hope cause a natural increase player retention, even tough there is stuff there for us as players to use, i think the premise of using it is built on the premise of that we already know how to interact with the game.

getting into the ship is one thing, learning how to fly it is another, that’s where other players come in, passing on that Experience to the newer players. at least that’s my opinion on it.

I’m not talking about how to fly the ship. I’m talking about the skills required to fit the modules that go with the ship.

Taking your newbro example, there’s no point in linking them the skills to sit in a vexor hull if they don’t have the skills to use drones, or armor/shield modules to taste, or blasters.

In this way, the right place in my mind for the skill tooltip is exactly where it is - in the fitting menu. There’s also the community fits that are great for new players, giving an idea of what to actually fit onto a ship to fly it. once that concept is passed on, the skill menu will helpfully show you all the skills you need to fly the fit, so one click and they are off and running.

My example is perhaps a little more advanced, but welcoming new players to nullsec years ago they always got excited about having trained into carriers (rip), but didn’t realise that things like fighter support bays and individual fighter class skills were also required to make use of the hull.

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I see what you’re saying and yes it does make sense to us, however when you’re a new player and I’m talking a completely green player who has no idea what EVE even is, you won’t know what a fitting window is, how to use it or that you even have one, in essence everything is in fact there in game and yes its in good places for players, I just think if as a game company and as a community if we truly want a larger player base for pilots we should maybe look at easing off that learning cliff we all have to climb by simply increasing accessibility, rather than to find out an answer you have to learn an entirely different sub mechanic.

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