NPE Improvements

Every time I try to bring someone into this game the lack of ability to fly the basic ships puts them off. “You mean I can’t do XYZ for a week?? Yeah nevermind…” is the general response to the game I get from my friends.

I suggest making more of the basic things in the game built into characters and removing all of the skills that adjust CPU and Powergrid from the game, so we can get new players in and going faster.

Which games are your “friends” playing that allow the use of high-tier gear early on in the game? I don’t know a single game in existence that allows you to to use something like a battleship-like object (high class spells, guns, shields, vehicles, accessories etc.) or be very efficient in using all those items (weapon support skills, damage increase skills, tank support skills etc.) without days to weeks of leveling those skills up. Would you please tell me a single game that has all these things and allows you to use these objects from early on in the game.

That aside: You do not need all the skills to V in EVE to be useful and do things ingame. All you need are a few hours of training to fly things like this and from there it snowballs:

I would also suggest that you recommend this channel to your “friends” so that they learn some proper and realistic perspective and actually know what you mean when you say it takes “weeks to use a thing”. They appear to be unaware of what you can do during those “weeks” while they wait for the BS or something else to fly – and you seem to be unaware, too.

Furthermore, since your “friends” seem to be of the impatient kind. There are Expert system options available which you can buy for money to get all the skills you need to fly other ships than frigates early on temporarily.

People already can get in to the action quite fast. What people like you expect is getting them into the game way too fast without knowing the game at all. That is not healthy or helpful for the game or the new players.


If you’re friends aren’t content with learning the game in low sp frigs and dessies, then they are setting themselves up for unsustainable losses when they make the mistakes we all do in larger ships. And then they’re going to quit anyways cause ‘losses are too expensive’.

Training is faster than ever before. And the starting skills of players are higher than ever before. You can buy SP to train even faster. Has any of it ever helped new player retention? Nope.

If you’re telling them it takes a week to fly ‘basic ships’ then you shouldn’t be any where near new players anyways. You are part of the problem with the NPE and unfortunately CCP can’t fix bad leadership.


What is basic or not is pretty subjective

They mostly play games like Atlas, Ark, FF14, Diablo 3, and 7DTD. They don’t mind leveling up in all of these games through player actions, but they think its really lame that you just cant do XYZ for a set amount of time and there is nothing you can do about it, short of spending IRL money to P2W.

I am personally setup with multiple characters and flying caps and sometimes supers, so it wouldn’t benefit me at all other than trying to bring friends from other games to my Eve corp.

SWTOR with some tokens allows you create a new character and have it leveled up, and equiped. There are tokens that set you ready to start some expansion stories at level 60 and 65, and a token that let you start the class story from scratch, but already leveled up at 70 (it was the max level at the time that token was released). And with any of these tokens, you start equiped with a decent set of gear for the level you are starting at. And since gear is level based, you can use the best gear for that level as soon as you reach the level (day 1 in that case), and wether you are at day 1 or 2 years in the game, the same set of gear is just as efficient on both players (knowledge of the game mechanic put asside) .

Sure, one can buy skill points, but the real life money needed to reach similar effect (say, to be skilled at mastery 5 for tech 1 battleship) would be ridiculous compared to SWTOR’s tokens (bellow 20$ for the level 70 character token).

  1. pay no mind to skills for pg and cpu except to level 2 or 3, especially if they are alphas.
  2. spread out the skills that are trained, don’t train 1 skill to 3 then another skill to 3, break them up so they are training multiple 1 hour trainings together.
  3. if you are flying supers/caps then you either a. know the struggle of training skills up, b. a whale who skill injected himself into that position.
  4. 5/14/2017 is your birthday, and you been in 6 different player corps, something tells me you should know a thing or two about leveling up and skilling and without using skill injectors how long it can take.

i suggest you show them activities that allow them to make enough isk to buy skill injectors.

cough ganking cough

or maybe get yourself some friends who aren’t obsessed with instant gratification nihilism :slight_smile:

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