Suggestions for game improvements for Aiding and retaining New Players

3 Ideas to improve new player capture and retention

  1. Ship fitting / Regional Market
    Add filters that limit view to show items(including skill books) that
  • enhance CPU/Capacitor/Scanning
  • Reduce CPU/Capacitor requirements

Aim, help the new player find how to improve their ship in whichever area they are finding pressure on for fitting new items.

  1. Escalation
    When triggered, the message box does not tell the new player that the information on how or where to find the Escalation is displayed in the Agency. Add a button or further text to say Open Agency and Select the Escalation tab to see location.
    Additional Suggestion: Add some info to the difficulty scaling so the New pilots know a bit more than just a number. e.g. is 3 hard or difficult. What is the difficulty range (e.g. 1 - easy, 10 - bring friends)

3 Character builds
Consider something like the Character build recommendation found in Rift by Trion Games. Some sort of guide that by asking what gameplay style they want suggests a Race/Ship and Skill training queue to get them going.


The first two are likely quality of life issues, but good.

The third has potential and likely could use fine tuning for EVE, but also good idea.

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What about offering game time on a shorter time than 30 10-15 days game time subs

If someone can’t afford $15 a month then they should not be spending their time gaming, they should be looking for a JOB or a better JOB.

Overall OPs are not bad ideas; I don’t think they change retention one bit.

You can’t code Pixel Courage into people.

its more about getting the fish on the hook he he

That’s what Alpha status is for. Shorter Omega status increments would probably just be abused by Omega alts.

yea your rigth.but a SP cap can prewent that

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