No Information showing

A day or so ago randomly information isnt showing in any screen.

So or any link to any information in regards to what information you want to see. May it be about a ship, an item whatever.
So your in the Regional Market, Fitting screen or just in your Inventory.
You can either right click and press, “Show info” or hit the little “i” icon.

So the page is coming up but nothing is displayed.
for instance, on this screen for information for a ship - the top bar will show "Astero (Frigate): Information
The picture of the ship/item my name and avatar, plus the 2 icons to show if you have the required skills or Certificates for Mastery.

Nothing else shows on this window, i cannot get any information for any item or ship or anything.

This happened to anyone else?
I have tried clearing all Cache Files in the in game settings
Nothing changed.

Can anyone help?


Well, I was going to suggest clearing the cache, but looks like you already did it. You can try uninstalling Eve with Revo uninstaller, and then reinstalling it, but you should make back ups of your configuration files before trying it.

Past that, file a support ticket.

Also, please come back and tell us how you fixed it. Might help the next guy with the same problem.

Thanks for the reply, i have also submitted a ticket to CCP
I didnt really want to re install but i might see if that fixes the issue as i have another which is apparent.

I cannot right click any item. for example i cannot right click on Blue Ice to compress it. i cannot right click any ship to show any options… ONLY when i have boarded that ship.

Its now becoming very annoying. i have put up with it so far by googling the information needed, but i cannot compress ice.
So i might have to try something untill CCP come back

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