UI not showing ship info when undocked

Help? When I undock as of this morning, I cannot see my ship controls or info on the ship. How do I fix? I’ve already tried resetting everything I can find in UI. Game unplayable right now.

Try clearing the game cache:

Thank you ISD Sakimura, I tried what you suggested and it did not work. Same issue.

Now that you have cleared cache, tested if it fixed it, next step might be to reboot PC (?) otherwise I can’t really come up with a fix for it; I’ve only had it happen to me once or twice in my 11 years of playing EVE, and from what I can remember a Clear Cache/Reboot fixed it for me. Now it might not work for everybody but I think it’s worth a try :slight_smile:

Also worth checking if your graphics driver is up to date, while it rarely does, it can in very rare cases cause problems.

Thank you for the ideas, but unfortunately none of them worked. I have submitted a ticket and cannot play the game until CCP helps. I can’t fly anywhere let alone do anything. All drivers are updates, cache is clear and rebooted PC.

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