Should CCP Publish more player stats? Here's my idea

Oh yes, the ignore function. What a good idea.

Whenever someone says the phrases “I think it would make the game a lot more interesting” or “I think it would make the game a lot more fun”, they are usually red flags for really bad ideas that are poorly thought out.

This is another one of those really bad ideas.

CCP should eliminate a lot of the free intel that already exists, not add even more.


To many players are used to this “easy mode” and would probably whine at levels not seen since the great nano nerf.

Ganking will be a lot easier

Just no plain and simple

Which is the whole point of my thread. I totally agree.

If you bother watching the eve down under Ama they’re working on it eliminating some of the comfort of NS so just give it time They’re probably going to even screw up the rorqual even more

A dream of lazy spies!

Like there is not enough killboard whores…

Hi, can you clarify?

They’re talking about putting a delay in the chat system by like 8 Seconds so basically local will become useless because an eight second delay means somebody could be on top of you have you scrambled and they were talking about like making where the rorqual with destroy the environment around it making it to where like you would have to PVP more basically go to Eaves YouTube page it’s the AMA it’s the last part from like the last 10 or 15 minutes they’re the most information is given

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The only statistic areas CCP needs to expand on are those dealing with the effect in game caused by development decisions and new rules put in place. While the MER and newplayer/current population graphs are helpful, further information like number of alpha vs omega accounts, player populations per type of area, hours per day of gameplay per account, bot accounts banned per area/activity, etc. Many of us can guess what consequences certain decisions have created, but it would be nice to have a general idea if changes have indeed worked as planned or …

Personal in game info should be restricted as it is currently; no good reason to change.

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What would be the point of this info being published?

Intel is really important when you know what to do with it, to get you what you want…

It aids in correct information /data being used when discussing possible changes in EVE gameplay. Far too often people will tend to fall back and claim certain “facts” based on what they percieve, not on what is actually happening. This then leads to unproductive discussion, flinging of unsubstantiated “poo”, and just a plain derailment of the topic at hand.

For example, I had claimed that HS had lost a large number of players over the recent years and was challenged by CSM members. They claimed they didn’t see any significant decline. By pulling up Dotlan info and comparing areas over a set period, they then conceded that there was indeed a decline as severe as I said there was. Then they claimed it was because many had moved to nullsec and were not lost. I then showed the stats from Dotlan about nullsec that refuted their claim. I had solid data from CCP that drove the discussion in an accurate and productive direction. We need to introduce that ability to more topics so that we become more productive as a whole, instead of falling back on name calling and less productive spamming.

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So, this is just a troll thread, i guess.

Thanks for wasting my time.


From a security team stand point that seems like a can of worms. Helping hackers focus their efforts on the account with the most ISK to steal and launder.

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