Differently coloured masks, please?

Thank you!


Please, dear God, no. NO MASKS.

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Now we can look like sexy ninjas from Mortal Kombat: 65% Scorpion, 30% Subzero, 5% Other (Jade, Mileena, Smoke, etc)

@Xeux maybe instead of fixing red dots, they’ll just let us change the color…

@DeMichael_Crimson boy oh boy have I got a thread for you! :rofl:


Why no masks? They already have them.

Because it is real-world current events.

You know the masks are tied to the real world events, right?

The ones people already have are from project discovery, which is helping with COVID-19 research.

And I believe people who donated to plex for good are supposed to be getting another one?

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Well, I gotta admit the OP does have a point to which I fully agree.

CCP could easily add a color plate to the mask section, just like the ones for the Hair and Eye sections.


Excellent point. I suppose they could do the same for torsos, mechanical arms, possibly even tattoo hues, and other apparel. I notice they have, for example, different shirts when they could have a single shirt in different varieties, and likewise they lack certain items in multiple varieties when a rehue would be nearly effortless to make available. This would address OP’s other nearly identical post and expand on the concept in general. The only items that would be different is if the design itself was different (shape and/or stuff like logos, texture, gloss, etc). Basically give apparel more flexibility that SKINs do not (and should not) have.

Yeah, that’s what was promised… :thinking:

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Unfortunately those items are all part of their MT income. Well, they were at one point, CCP could easily make more money on them if they had all Apparel items cycle through the NES each quarter.

Actually all Apparel items should be listed as available in the Apparel section of the NES, excluding special event items of course.

Very true. Personally I would also be in favor of them releasing multiple items of different hues as long as multiple hues existed. That is, both options are better than not having any option at all. It’s kind of weird that you take a perfectly good item that would look great in a different color but nobody took the time to autohue (literally a slider in GIMP and Photoshop, etc) and make it available as a new item. Still waiting for that purple Quafe Ultra Tristan SKIN…

If CCP is concerned about “polluting” or “breaking the market” with multiple identical items of different hues having different prices due to supply and demand they could even soul-bind certain purchases made via NES, even apparel. Since these are soulbound purchases that can only be made with PLEX, it creates a lovely PLEX sink and increases the demand for PLEX (and we all know more PLEX purchases = ISK sink via transaction fees) and could also indirectly promote $$$->PLEX sales since thanks to increased PLEX demand (items aren’t tradeable; if you get “tired” of it, you can’t resell it).

Alternatively, as a middle-ground between both ideas, a style for an existing item could be purchased on NES. So for example, you have the one mask in a base color, but the color plates themselves are what are bought and soul bound so that neither the character creator nor the market are polluted with several nearly identical items, but can still customize these individual items in the character creator (similar to how boots and shirts can customize their tuckings).

Soulbound apparel = increased microtransactions vs apparel that can be resold. Players will accept the inability to resell as long as the cost isn’t too high.

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:red_circle: Why the hell are people wearing dumb masks in our high-tech civilization? That mask doesn’t even cover the mouth and nose air-tight to prevent viruses from passing through. Why is that Corona pandering not done with something that actually comes from fiction and looks like fiction.

A bloody mask, my god …

Here, thank me later. This took me literally 5 seconds to find.


How do you know it the cloth used isn’t more effective than that electromechanical mask you linked? :wink:

That’s a pretty cool looking mask, definitely looks futuristic.

Seems the current Dev’s are too lazy to search for inspiration, definitely no imagination. Gotta say it looks like they just did copy/paste of a regular mask.

I think in this one instance they made it generic in order to emphasize the point that the Earth Everyman would benefit from COVID-19 protection by using an Earth Everymask, which is by no means futuristic and may be as simple as a bandana folded with two hair ties (have you tried this? I have, works well).

Having said that… CCP should definitely consider making more masks available, not just in terms of alternate colors but also, as both of you have pointed out, making them look futuristic (perhaps to those who donated to PLEX 4 GOOD, though I’m not going to lie - I REALLY like the one in the video and would like to have that one at some point :smile: )


Yeah, I think you’re right. CCP is trying to emphasize the need to wear a face mask. Course this is a game set in a futuristic space environment.

Actually I have and I use it quite often.

A thread with many good ideas, a civilized conversation DeMichael Crimson and a poke at CCP to boot!

@z0ra_Berg You have to start giving lessons on how to start a thd! :wink: :laughing:

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Even though I am a scumbag and have not helped out yet, all masks are good masks!



I have found Salt to have a weird on/off switch… So helpful in some thd’s where he’s being nice and very helpful to people! Yet in others… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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All clothing fits right in with my Get CCP Rich plan, ERP, all we need is two person capsules :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

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