Outrage: CONCORD Removes Bloodline Descriptions

The criminal organization that is CONCORD has perpetrated another outrage: the removal of Bloodline Descriptions on the “Information” panel presented when you select “Show Info” on a given pilot.

This sinister plot attempts to remove distinctions between Amarr, the Chosen People of God, and the various subhumans by removing the means by which anyone might distinguish between the former and latter. It further removes the meaningful distinctions between the True Amarr, the highest of people with the Khanid who voluntarily chose the Reclaiming close behind them, and the lesser forms of Amarr who had to be enslaved into grace. Finally, it makes it difficult to determine which forms of slavery a given Minmatar pilot is best suited — with the descriptions removed, a Vherokior might be assigned hard physical labor, a Brutor to engineering, and a Sebiestor to spiritual service.

I have long thought of my slave colony as a strategic collective punishment reserve against large scale offenses against the Amarr people, whether terrorism or CONCORD regulation or anything else. I regret that I must invoke strategic collective punishment against my slaves as a result of the removal of Bloodline descriptions by CONCORD. I anticipate at least 10,000 slaves will be affected, with the final number and means of their punishment to be announced later. Of course, should CONCORD reverse this decision and restore Bloodline information, my slaves will remain unharmed.

Even so, Amen. Amarr Victor.


There’s another solution: you could emancipate all of your slaves and let them decide for themselves what they wish to pursue. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about this affront, you wouldn’t displease your God with mismanagement and you wouldn’t have to waste time and resources battling CONCORD.

It’s a win-win-win.


Cmon, Mr. Nauplius, can’t you recognize enemy when you see it without an information panel?

Myself, for example, will recognize a gallentean with ease, would it be by its looks, its speech, or even its stench.


Oh no, we’ll have to judge people by their actions and not their heritage. Oh tragedy and injustice.

And for those of you who might miss my meaning, I’m being incredibly sarcastic there.
I’m sure you have enough intelligence to realize that your strategy of collective punishment is, in addition to being a war crime by some standards, also completely ineffective at changing anyone’s mind. You are simply cementing your position as a beacon of the worst Amarr has to offer.
Some days I wonder if you are putting on a persona designed specifically for maximum discord.


My apologies.

I had thought I had showered this morning.


I solemnly swear I had no sniffing intentions towards your person.

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Ok, Hanging Long-limb Roes are a bit pungent but their natural oils are wonderful for protecting joint mobility in a prolonged zero-G environment.

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CODE is now the ruler of Highsec Nauplius. The Four Empire is a failure. It can’t even protect its citizen.

Not all of the noble Khanid chose the reclaimation and as such there are a number of us still ensalved by the Amarr bloodlines. Maybe you should direct your furore toward the “True Amarr” you hold in such high esteem while your brothers and sisters toil as you sit getting fat at the feet of your masters table.

Let me understand your protest to the problem you see; you want to inflict harm on people (some of which may well be of your kin) because the information regarding their heritage is not readily available? I can see now that your slave colony must be terribly managed. Instead of allocating work based on individual capability you are attempting to do so by bloodline, and erroneously I might add: The Brutor through millenia of ensalvement under physical labour are far better suited to physical labour than the Vherokier are. In fact in the years before my clan patriarch had emancipated our slave families, Brutor were the clans favoured for this very reason, in fact I don’t think we owned a single non-Brutor family.

As a slave owner you could see this as an advantage. You will no longer allocate tasks based on heritage but now individual capability. CONCORD has done you a favour.

I don’t see the problem really. Everyone knows you can tell different bloodlines apart by the colour and shape of their nipples.

Since CONCORD has not responded to my reasonable request, I am forced to invoke strategic collective punishment against their obviously Minmatar-inspired plot to remove evidence of bloodlines from pilot records.

A little under 10,000 slaves — all of them Minmatar — have been abandoned in wormhole space in mobile depots with a little water and no food. Guilt for their deaths will be born by CONCORD.

There is still time. If CONCORD reverses this horrific decision and restores bloodline descriptions, I will make public the location of these slave-filled mobile depots so that the slaves can be rescued. Otherwise, hell awaits them all, and God will be glorified in their destruction.


You really are a despicable creature, Nauplius.


You forgot:

“And also: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahaha.”


Bwahaha, etc., should be reserved for senseless acts. This was not. This was a cold, calculated act of strategic collective punishment against a Minmatar-led act of cultural warfare.

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Yep, in other words, a senseless and pointless act.
I bet you already forgot where you put them making your demand even more pointless.


I wrote the location down, madam.

Right. And when the wormholes close? (which is gonna happen, if it hasn’t happened yet).


Don’t look at me. I don’t live in wormholes. If God intended us to live in wormholes, he would have created us there. But do-gooders, slave-welfare activists, and abolitionists are everywhere. Someone will save them, if CONCORD reinstates Bloodline Descriptions.

Exactly, its pointless, and you can’t even keep your so-called promise if anyone gave into your demands. They were dead the minute you abandoned them.

I’ll repeat:

“And also: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahaha.”


The treachery extends even further than we knew. Minmatar agents within CONCORD have corrupted the “View Full Body” feature of our user interfaces so that instead of displaying the correct bloodline-dependent appearance of the target, it displays the target as if he or she were your bloodline. For example, other pilots now appear as Khanid to me in the “View Full Body” screen.

The conspiracy to hide bloodlines runs deep within CONCORD. I encourage everyone to engage in strategic collective punishment upon Minmatar slaves until this is fixed.

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