Corps/Chars that RP Minmitar or Angel Cartel?

Any good corps or people out there that role-play minmitar or angel cartel? Looking to add more verve to my gameplay and fighting for freedom might do the trick. Minmitar FW looks cool, but I also like the true freedom of pirate life. Open to be persuaded.

I’m pretty involved in Guristas RP if that’s something you’d consider? I can help get you into that if you like.

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Ushra’Khan is heavy in Minmatar RP. Angel RP has been pretty much dead for a while.


Ushra’Khan and Electus Matari are the main RP Minmatar alliances today, but they’re not really pirate life for all. Pewpews yes.

Of Angel stuff, ping @Kalaratiri (goddamnit Kala).


Awesome, thanks everyone for the help!


i know this thread hasnt been touched since November of last year but just wanted to make use of the situation.

i started a small minmatar RP corp some months ago, it was originally just and addition for my character background but i feel the thing could be furtherly expanded. im the sole member atm but applications open (and i have ran campaigns too, just that the job gets in the way so i cant play 24/7) so feel free to look it up ingame.

Khanatar is recruiting


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