UK based New character (but previous player) looking for Minmatar RP/FW Corp

Greetings fellow capsuleers!

I’m a returning Eve player but had a urge to start a brand new character focused on Faction Warfare and missioning. I’d like to ideally join a FW focussed corp but quite enjoy missioning etc. Basically, I’d like to stamp my mark all over the faces of the Amarr scum and strike for the republic. Are there any Minmatar RP corps out there? If not, I’d settle for a FW Minmatar corp.

Currently doing the intro missions to get back into Eve and might consider applying for Eve Uni if I can’t find a corp beforehand.

Fly Safe (unless you are an Amarrian, in which case I hope you get capsule-rash). Feel free to hit me up in game.


Try alliance Ushra’Khan

Thanks. Will check out

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