LF low sec corp that lives in Minmatar/Amarr FW warzone (No FW corps)

Hi peoples of the reddit!

I am looking for a low sec corp that is living in the Minmatar/Amarr FW zone (or an area very close by). I do not want to join FW itself if it can be helped, primarily because I’ve been there and done that (for several years), but also because it limits potential victims too much.

I do sometimes stream solo PvP and such on Twitch, so that is something to consider (I’m not going drop what I’m doing in the middle of a stream to drop caps on some nerds). That said, if I’m not streaming or if it’s a particularly important timer or something, I will make room for it.

Now that that’s out of the way…

A little about me:

  • I am 29 years old, from the UK

  • I play at any time of the day or evening GMT, because my current RL circumstances allow me to

  • I have been playing EVE for roughly 15 years on and off

  • I am a competent solo and fleet PvP’er

  • I am capital capable, but I lack experience in the modern capital game

  • My main has 145m SP and my 2 main alts have 75m SP each, I also have numerous support alts

  • I am self sufficient with isk

  • I can do my own hauling

What I am looking for:

  • A low sec based corp in the Minmatar/Amarr warzone or very close to it

  • Active in PvP

  • A corp in an established alliance

  • A group that has at least 6 structures with clone bays in their home system would be a bonus, or that is willing to let me anchor/fuel my own and help protect them =P

  • Not interested in groups that rage-ping and throw a strop if I don’t fleet up on demand

  • Not interested in a group that will complain if I die in something expensive (I rarely do, but still, it’s my stuff to lose)

Mail me in-game or feel free to post here if you think your group would be a good match, as I have my kids on weekends and will likely be AFK a good deal.

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