No love for Angels: why are there still no Angel Capitals

Sometime ago, New Eden’s major factions all received in some fashion a trio of shiny capital ships, save only a few. Notably, the Angel Cartel, with access to Serpentis tech and ancient Jove relics lack capitals of any kind. Why?

From the development stand point I understand resources and priorities have been elsewhere for CCP, but it seems like this was either never considered or place way on the back burner. I also get many people probably would say capital ship options are too numerous now and that generally capital ships would go against the Angel Cartel’s strategies. However, I don’t necessarily agree with that.

I guess my question for CCP is this, will you round out these pirate faction arsenals in the future as you did the other major pirate factions or is it out of consideration entirely.

They spend it all on drugs for the gala.

And there were so beautiful concepts about 2 years ago…

Titan (note: its model should be a giant Angel Cartel symbol):




Why aren’t there any Thukker Tribe ships? What a ripoff. Think of the newbros!

Cos the Angels are good guys?

Indeed these looked awesome.

Yes we need Angel capital ships. They really need some love.

CCP please.

While the Angel ships would ‘look cool’ - the Triglavian line delivers some new game mechanics and seems to be quite popular. Perhaps when ppl get “bored” of the Trig stuff, CCP’s eyes will turn again toward something new and shiny. Clearly most development resources are on the Triglavian lineup right now.

Oh these would be awesome… come on Devs, someone out there, hear us!!!

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