No Angel Cartel Capitals yet? WTH CCP?

Has anyone else noticed CCP never showed the Angel Cartel any capital love?

I would like to politely remind them to finish what they started with adding Faction Capital by giving these guys a Dreadnaught and Titan for heavens sake!!!

Who else is in?

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Why does it matter? Perhaps angel cartel hates TiDi and can’t be bothered to get involved in the capital game.

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I, too, cannot bring myself to care about new faction capital ships.

Goonswarm don’t hold any space with Angel rats, do they? Give them some and you’ll see those capitals out in no time.


They will come with a sotijo. And that things can spawn everywhere…

well they didnt seem to get positve eedabck from the community regarding the Pirate Shipyard thing so they probably scrapped the idea now that Abyssal Deadspace is their new focus.

cant say wouldnt have liked to see them complete the list of Faction Capitals tho.

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