What Happened to Angel Capitals?

(Zander Exvirus) #1

I saw them a while back, but now it seems they have been completely removed from the roadmap. What about other faction capitals?

The dreadnought and carrier looked dope. I want them.

(Circumstantial Evidence) #2

Reddit link

(Nana Skalski) #3

Imicus? Could it be? At last? Redesign? :star_struck:

(Billy Sanchezo) #4

Angel Carrier :

Looks dope as ■■■■

Angel Titan :

Quite… Meh, compared to other Titans designs, but if looked at a certain angle it make the Angel Cartel logo !

Also : capital ships with original designs, and not a simple reskin !

(Zander Exvirus) #5

I am mostly pumped for the dread, but a fast carrier could be cool.


Since the Angel Cartel must contend with the glorious might of the Minmatar people, the Angel titans would have to be made godly-strong just to withstand the onslaught of the Minmatar (this; of course, would make the Angel titans OP vs any of the ‘lesser’ races of gallente, caldari and amarr…notice that their race names aren’t even worthy of being capitalized).

Perhaps the Minmatar could open combat schools so the other races can get up to speed on titan level combat.

Until then we will be stuck with pretty pictures of Angel Titans that could have been…

(Rain6637) #7

I made a logo design for a defunct pirate faction on spacecraigslist and it became a Titan

My rate was 50 ISK

I had to rush that one because logo design isn’t my thing and I didn’t know what to do… I see a therapist for my impostor syndrome now


(Mephiztopheleze) #8

given the Dramiel is my favourite ship, I would love my dread alt to be in an Angel Cartel dread…