Is There Sex in Nation?

There is a common phrase that there is no death in Nation. However, is there sex? Or are all their people grown in tubes?

Really, the important questions of our day.


Since you came up with this during the shouting between parties, you probably didn’t hear me mention that since these are human drones that their trying to keep numbers up, logic would dictate yes, it does.

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There is no death in Nation.

Gallente poetry and or literature occasionally calls orgasms “the little death”.


There are no orgasms in Nation.



They’re not people.

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surely there’s a better way to phrase that question?

If Mr. Kuvakei likes to carry on, then I imagine there are people carrying on quite a lot. Or not people really, but whatever one calls them. Nationelles?

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I would assume so, if there’s a reason for it to take place.

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Is it true? Or is it our legend?

If tubes were the order of the day I imagine there would be some sort of illicit trade in the items for manufacture and less incursions into k-space?
Though to be frank I hardly think it matters, one is hardly likely to take a holiday to sample the delicacies on offer in a psychopaths harem when Syndicate and even parts of the federation offer such better… opportunities.

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I believe they do have some breeding programs, if you could call it that but time to maturity isn’t very good so slaves are better in many ways. I think the process is more manufactured but i havent been able to get hold of the nation for comment…
The forces of the nation tend to shoot at everyone, there just not very good to trade with.

Well, if we look at the problem from more in-depth point of view, sex implies a reproduction scheme by combining genetic information from two different sexes. For example, for humans to have sex, you need one male and one female, which provide their own gametes to create new organism.

After Sansha pilot or soldier dies (or they just need to increase number of their copies - since unlike CONCORD rules, in Nation you can unlimited active copies of an individual), they just recreate them from their genetic snapshot - and this is asexual reproduction, since you don’t need two different sexes for that, only one organism.

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