Khannid/Amarr: King or Imp

The good lord knows Khanids have their full serving of Sansha.

That plague led to irreversible losses resulting in fully animated clones.

That hydra is a *doosey!

I think the Khanids have it on the run.

Amarr feed those numbers with overpopulation.

Amarr make more Sansha by sending undertrained units into Sansha territory knowing they will wonder aimlessly hostile.

Whilst Amarr hide behind CONCORD’s constructs and secure gates.

The culture of the Khanid is tribal.

Amarr will ruin it and your merger candidates with over subjugating indoctrinations that severely limit clone brainwave productivity and functionality.

The same indoctrinations that leave their units weak against Sansha Kuvakei and the drone hydra.

Be warned.

The Empire will be driven into Low Sec using FW*FTW.

Khanid don’t care about security. The Sansha numbers will rise due to the weakened security of the Empire boarders.


The Amarr are going to die.


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Okay. Nearly comprehensible this time. Some of it was even kind of a neat way of framing stuff.

Sansha’s Nation as a single unified monster with a bajillion heads is … a pretty good description, really.


Of course the Empire has weakened boarders, slaves don’t usually pay rent.


Hey! Leave us out of this.

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It’s funny how people from the Amarr Empire and the State thinks this is a bad thing. Always trying to use it as an insult.


Well, if you denigrate others sufficiently then it’s not just in your best interests to subjugate them, it’s practically your duty…

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We’ve already settled the basic question: The correct answer is a Kingperial Impdom.

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