The Emperor Khanid Timeline: What could've happened? / What would your character's reaction be?

So this is a thread I’ve contemplated on for awhile now as I’m interested in the theory crafting and potential reactions people’s characters might have to this turn of events.

But let’s talk hypothetical and ask about what the Emperor Khanid Timeline might’ve looked like if he ended up taking the throne after the Amarr championships

This question is mostly aimed at our Amarrian loyalists, though anyone is welcomed to present their theories on what might’ve happened and their characters reactions to the reign of Emperor Khanid. A character with a large amount of controversy and speculation about his real motives. I myself am Not huge into the Amarr RP scene nor it’s lore and live fiction, but I’m fascinated at what could had been one of the most polarizing heirs to take the throne.

So please, If you have some thoughts about this timeline we missed out on, I’m interested in hearing about it. Would there be a lot of radical and questionable changes? Would your character have some loyalty issues? Maybe see special opportunities?

This is the Khanid timeline. You think Catiz is the real power in Amarr? Best Heir runs the Throne from the shadows. Everyone, including Catiz is just a Khanid clone.

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I think an Emperor Khanid timeline would have likely resulted in little change, both gameplay and lore-wise. Having the Khanid Kingdom in a personal union with the Amarr Empire would have been an easy and lore-friendly way to justify keeping it as a separate faction. It is, after all, not uncommon with hereditary monarchies in real life, some of the most notable being the Hanover dynasty of Hanover and Great Britain, and the unholy inheritance-eugenics program of the Habsburg dynasty.

Lore stories could detail Unionist attempts to integrate the kingdom into the empire under his rule, and blowback from more pro-independence elements. There could also be a different shade of the Purity of the Throne which condemns Khanid as an illegitimate candidate for having refused to commit ritual suicide after his first failed trial. It really depends on CCP.

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I have a feeling a number of loyalist groups might have gone into loyal resistance or open rebellion mode.

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