The Empire has a new Empress. Now how about the Federation?

Now that Empress Catiz I is comfortably ensconced upon the throne of Amarr, isn’t it time for CCP to think about the Gallentean presidency? How long ago was Jacus Roden elected? Will there just be a simple election, or possibly a special event like Purity of the Throne?

Since pecuniary interests are apparently unheard of (or not a thing people care about) in the Federation, a Gallente election event might involve capsuleers picking up ballot boxes at designated stations and ferrying them to Luminaire. Corporate interests invested in keeping the Roden administration as the status quo might attack in a brazen attempt to rig the election or even stall it completely. It would be rather fitting given the ruckus in Spain and Catalonia right now.

I don’t see how real life politics has any connection to this.

I think they could do a real election pool with only Gallente characters elligible to vote. Would be rather simple thing, but maybe I am wrong in that. Would be also fairly boring until Caldari will come and try to disrupt the official ceremony. Amarr and Minmatar could take part as sides in conflict.

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The last Gallente president election was early 2015, so the next one is likely in 2020.


So that gives them roughly 2,5 years to prepare for it. They should think about it right now to add it to shedule then.

Linus for president?

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Damn racist Gallente thinking Minmatar can’t vote!

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Now wait just a hot minute, I never said anything about the Minmatar. Any Minmatar who have attained Federation citizenship would surely be eligible to vote… oh. Right.

Still, the Minmatar would have their own democracy to worry about, right?

Roden won, there was no event only news articles.

The idea has some appeal. Let’s have all the frogs haul the votes around highsec. it would be quite the event being able to influence the election by mass ganking them.

Who you calling a frog, mister duct tape?

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i’m sorry, i don’t quite understand you. all i hear is

This makes sense!


Hey, Jin’taan, you are grandson of Empress Catiz I. Isn’t it?

If the past decade has taught us anything. It’s that ccp has a hardcore amarr boner. I can only think of 3 major events that focused on any of the other empires. The malkalan incident. The elder fleet. And the liberation of caldari prime.
Out of those only the liberation was recent, and that was 2 years ago now.
And the elder fleet was really just an excuse for Jamyl to show off her Terran superweapon, which means even THAT one was amarr fan service.

The amarr have, by far, gotten the most love from the lore side. Is it any wonder the amarr rp community is thriving while all the rest have all but died?


The Tribal Assembly’s other notable changes include formally separating the office of Prime Minister of the Republic from the office of Sanmatar. The Prime Minister will now be appointed from the Republic Parliament by the Tribal Council and have observer status at meetings of the Council. The Republic Parliament itself is reduced to a 35-seat house with five seats allocated to each tribe. These seats are filled at the discretion of the tribes and this provision officially brings an end to Republic-wide democracy in the style of the Gallente Federation.

I wouldn’t call that a democracy.

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No, of Gallente origin.

It’s our federation, not theirs. They could always immigrate to become Gallentean citizens and then get their right to vote, but we’re not going to let non-Gallenteans vote in our elections!

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According to EVE: Source’s notes on empire demographics, Minmatar make up 35% of the Federation’s population.

Minmatar with a Gallentean citizenship. What’s your point?