Elections in Gallente and Minmatar

Hello all, First of I’d like to apologize for my spelling and grammar, English is not my native language, despite good grades you will notice I’m not a native speaker.

That being said.

I would like to bring attention to a topic, Elections.

While there have been some IC posts on elections and even some posts by the candidates I would like to improve on this.

We need elections in the ostensibly democratic regions of EVE. Such an election would involve PC’s and NPC’s and be open to actual election, votes would be tallied by voters who have been in such regions since their inception and are at least a few months old, to prevent sock puppetry.

Such an election winner, PC or NPC would be given full presidential rights over actions taken by either Gallente or Minmatar or any other high security faction and full bankroll for the regions in question. After a trial period where they would be given developer rights to post news articles they would be hired by CCP to GM the region in question and they would have full rights to GM the region.

That is all.

In short, I did not join the Gallente to become a footsoldier for an autocratic imperium. Thank you.

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You’re right, meant to post this IC but was distracted and accidentally posted in OOC mode. I’ll update with a IC post from my Chars point of view. Thanks for the response.

I hope this covers the whole “OOC content in IC forum”.

Some posters and mass mail start appearing throughout high security systems and to some low and null security systems as well. Generally calling into question the actions of the Democracies of EVE.

They are funded by a small Gallareue Synthethic Synapse producer. The material is well written and professional. It calls into question the budgetary control of Jove faction in Democratic high security, the inability of the government in those sections to push back against jove control and the general malaise of the population.

The material calls for radical election reform in the mentioned communities and encourages radical thinking. They say their party is called Change and they propose a free election and placing the budgetary restraints on the Democratic Parliament, away from the oversight and control of Jove and Concord.

Public performances have not yet occured and no one is identifiable as the center of the movement. Several known candidates are publishing supporting statements on their messaging services. The general mood is curious about the new option for democracy but no open endorsement is yet available.

The material calls for a slow transformation from a “corporate owned” structure of high security nations to one of open democracy. With podpilots able to vote on the elections and participate as candidates. They also call for the hiring of a specialized staff to oversee the transition and government bureocracy. The material also calls for slow introduction of the states into a “interplanetary community of equals”, the printing of specialized documents of nationality for pilots, as well as a plathora of other reforms.

There is discussion of the new voting system and ideals in the street, bars, and other places of public meeting. The mood is akin to that of the independence movements throughout history. Corruption and surrender to the Jove influences is widly discussed. Some call for open war against Jove and Drifters instead of the vacillating support that was given to Amarr when they were invaded.

Some of the papers are signed by various candidates and representatives, specifically those calling for democatic budgetary oversight and open conflict with Jove and Drifters.

In short, how about we make the first true democrac with its own budget and bureocracy out of this game, instead of simply surrender to “jove” and let them run our precious democracies.

Hope that helps.

It should be prohibited by law for capsuleers to be elected on positions with any power in any state. Capsuleers wield immense powers and bow to no one. Profit-oriented actions of some of them already destroyed ecosystems of entire planets, and their moon mining lasers destabilize smaller celestial objects in less secure space even right now. The same people would use their unimaginably large wealth to buy themselves a victory.

Democracy should represent people, and capsuleers represent nobody.

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An unnamed government official from Aunia responds:

"Democracy does not belong to only the poor, the rich, the elderly, or the young. Election interference by one rich party would result in another rich party involving themselves and such would balance out. However. It stands to reason that a few thousand capsuleers would hold little sway in a population of billions, steps would need to be taken to balance this and other similar issues. However. It stands to reason that being a group of people in perpetual danger, disenfranchising them would result in violence as we have seen with the instability of the functions of interstellar communication and the hostility from other high security corporations.

I for one, being one of those smelly liberals, do not feel appropriate in denying such a proud element of our society a chance to influence the system they fight for. Do soldiers not deserve the right to vote?"

Most capsuleers do not care about the general populace. No one of them ever stopped their planetside industrial-sized mining operations because of opinion of people living on surface; they only stop it because there is nothing left. Some of them strip mine entire chunks of asteroid belts, extracting state resources. They practice tax evasion with their “citadels” that float in space belonging to government and that declare themselves independent.

Capsuleers do not uphold duties of proper citizens. Nor do they follow laws: capsuleer that works for Caldary company, for instance, can retire at any given time, without consequences, without notifying his or her boss, and start helping Gallente not a one hour later - and still be welcome in Caldari space. Any capsuleer can easily kill several thousand Gallente people and come out of it with a single warning.

Capsuleers achieving power at any level would just withdraw any assets they can and run to the very fringes of null security space, where capsuleers reign supreme. The groups that want to do it already started financing organizations that will push their agenda. Be aware, they can even fabricate fake messages from government officials.


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So. Any thoughts, making Gallente and Minmatar fully democratic with their own budget and such and not under developer control other than sharing the same… space… Bad idea, good idea, first democratic government of the gaming era?

I already told my opinion.

Says to self

Why should we not give ze rabble half ze kingdom.

It seems the Nays have it then. So it is, I will continue my activities towards that end, but not here. It was a pleasure.

In closing thought however, I would like to propose the following.

Player base elects 4 budgetary officers in charge of state treasury for high security.

Any player paying for EVE stuff will have profits go to either CCP (Podplayers), or NPC corpo. Budgetary officer will decide next actions until government can form.

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