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Hello Everyone o/

Tomorrow I’m mastering a game of my own tabletop RPG and wanted to do a “EvE” scenario.
But I also want to respect the lore, so I can’t exactly send them some triglavian stuff (for exemple ^^ ).
So my scenario is quite “shadowrun-esque” for the moment, here is the scenario for now:

all players are gallentean citizen, living from small, unstable jobs (not always legal) and social help. And they all get a “milky run” job:
To break into a warehouse, steal a particular crate, then get out.

but of course, nothing go according to plan ^^

They are captured and awake in a sansha hidden colony. The actual plot is, of course, to leave alive the station.

And it’s where I need your help!

  1. How the gallentean police is? equipment, doctrine, etc. Of course I guess that they will not send the SARO troops on every problem, but are they more “5th element police” (aka heavily armored and allowed to open fire freely on criminals) ? or are they more “normal” police ?

  2. do we know the duration of sansha transformation ? is it a matter of hours? days? longer? I’m talking about the “basic” slave sansha transformation, not a “true citizen” one.

  3. If a full legal citizen is rescued after being abducted by sansha and it’s not too late, what would the gallente policies on the matter would be?

NOTE: I have some ideas, but I would rather have a “consensus” on this.

thanks all for you help.

PS: I hope it is the right place to ask this kind of question ^^" if not, I will change wherever it’s good

PPS: The only reason I choose gallente over any other faction is because (at least in the old lore) they were french descendant, and playing in french, it was a fun choice :stuck_out_tongue: so please no political debate on faction supremacy ^^"


Cool idea! Here’s my two cents on some of your questions.

1: Possibly a combination of the two? Heavily militarized due to the possible augmented nature of people in the setting. But likely to focus on non lethal means. That’s just my best guess, I am not an expert on Gallente lore and welcome others to chime in here.

2: Ah a bit more my specialty. There’s actually not a -whole lot- in the lore about specifics. But from our best guesses based on tech available in setting and vague bits we’ve seen in various Chrons I would say it would be a very fast process once the -process- itself is done.

Nation True Slave/Citizen implant tech is based off Capsule tech so it’s a pretty extensive process to be undertaken. They have ways of fighting rejection/wetgrave so they can make almost anyone they want in to a Slave. So how long until the person is ‘transformed’ is simply how long until they are implanted. So if you want a sense of time and urgency have it be maybe a situation where they don’t have the necessary facility or implants readily available, but after a certain amount of time have the missing tech be delivered. Another idea is instead of on a station have them be on a ship. They must escape the ship before it reaches its destination and the players are screwed.

3: Not positive as this is mostly a Gallente perspective on the matter. But as far as True Slave/Citizen implants go, they cannot be removed without killing the person. So if they get people back from Nation I am positive they would be highly suspicious of the people they recovered and do a -lot- of tests on them to make 100% sure they are not implanted. Nation is very fond of using sleeper agents that can pass for normal people. So even them appearing to not be members of Nation when they get back doesn’t give them a free pass to avoid scrutiny.

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I am no expert on most of these matters, however there is a morsel regarding Sansha that might help from pages 118-120 of The Burning Life:


So as Evi said above, some implant is required whether its done surgically or through delivery of nanomacines who build the tech directly to the neurons. It depends what type of slave is desired, I’d surmise, but it would probably take significant time to unmake a human mind.


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